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Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

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Welcome to the official Limit Theory Community Dwarf Fortress Succession Game!

The "What the hell is Dwarf Fortress" crash course:
Spoiler:      SHOW
This thread generally assumes you have at least some knowledge about this game, but to make reading it easier, I'm going to compress some of the most critical information into this spoiler, to try to give you a hurried introduction to how everything works. While it shouldn't be necessary to enjoy reading the thread, it should most certainly help.

What is Dwarf Fortress?
Dwarf Fortress is best described as a 3D base-building/management game. The gameplay is similar to Dungeon Keeper, but the theme is more Lord of the Rings. The concept is simple, the graphics are (very) simple, but the depth of the game is unlike anything else you're ever likely to encounter. (And it's all made by one guy.) Gameplay typically involves making booze, growing crops, digging out a fort, laying traps, training a military, battling sieges, trading with allies, making enemies, forging weapons and armor, and more.

You start the game with seven dwarves, and can choose to embark anywhere you want in the world, as long as it's not on top of steep mountains, in the middle of an ocean, or inside a city. Your only real objective is to survive the elements and build as cool a fortress as possible. It used to be that you would inevitably die, but that's changed over time. Now, if you're skilled enough, you can build a fortress that will stand the tests of time (until it inevitably falls to fps death). In evil biomes - Sinister, Haunted, or Terrifying - the game can get much harder, to the point where survival past the first year can be an incredible struggle, even for expert players.

The dwarves you "control" actually have minds of their own. They have personalities, memories, needs, wishes, hopes, dreams, relationships, families, likes, and dislikes. Not only that, but injuries to dwarves (and all animals, really) are tracked down to internal organs, bodyparts, and even tissue layers. While you can assign them jobs, it's up the the dwarf in question whether or not he wants to do it. Keeping your dwarves healthy and happy increases their productivity - and most of all, keeps them from tantruming. A tantruming dwarf may attack other dwarves, destroy things, cause problems, or even become miserably depressed to the point they commit suicide.

The game is displayed in pseudo-ASCII style, which uses letters for the gameworld similar to something like NetHack or Rogue. However, there are a lot of fan-made additions to the game - tons of programs that can do all sorts of things, including adding nice tilesets to the game. The DF community tends to be very computer-knowledgeable. To ease your reading of this fort, we've ruled that players must use a tileset of some kind, which should greatly ease play for you.

If you need more help, or want to learn more, try these links:

Official Site
The Dwarf Fortress Wiki
The DF Starter Pack - Package for beginners. Includes everything but a kitchen sink. Formerly known as the Lazy Newb Pack
Boatmurdered - the best known DF Succession Fortress and a great read
Getting Started with Dwarf Fortress - The official guidebook, supported by Toady One
Official list of rulers:
  1. Silverware (February 13th - 14th) 1
  2. Talvieno (February 14th - 21st) 1 2 3 4 5
  3. Cornflakes (March 21st - March 16th) 1
  4. Dinosawer (April 17th - May 16th) 1 2 3 4
  5. Fawkes (May 17th - June 2nd) 1 2 3 4 5
  6. FormalMoss (June 2nd - ???)
  7. Baile nam Fonn
  8. Cuisinart8
  9. Just_Ice_Au
  • Not following the rules will result in either the next person being given the option of restarting your turn (like it never happened, or in extreme cases, your posts being stricken from the record and the fort rolled back to before you began.
  • Each player gets one year ingame. On the 1st of Granite (January), you stop, save, package the game up, upload to DFFD, and post the link in the Discussion thread. (Basically when it says, "Spring has arrived!")
  • Each player has up to four weeks of time in real life to finish their turn, starting from when the last player posts the save. It is preferable to finish as fast as possible, though, so as not to hold up the game for everyone else. In line with this, you cannot be silent (update-wise) for more than two weeks at a time at any point during your turn.
  • The only person allowed to post in this thread is the current ruler. Other posts (journals, fan art, etc) may be nominated to be moved over here, but we'll see how that goes.
  • No DFHack commands allowed unless agreed upon by the majority of the players. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • No danger room/spiketrap training. Play the game legit.
  • No unnaming/renaming named dwarves. Make sure you have a dorf named for everyone in the dorfing list.
  • Make sure you have a dorf named after you as well. (You can name a separate one than the one you were "dorfed" as, if you like, as long as the names aren't similar.)
  • If your dorf dies during your turn (or before your turn) you can be redorfed. If it happens during your turn, you don't necessarily need to write about it in an update: just name a new dwarf after you and pretend it didn't happen. (Please tell us if other dorf'd characters die, though.)
Update Rules:
  • Write in first-person if making updates. This is a roleplay game. No breaking the fourth wall in updates.
  • Include pictures. Pictures are easy to take: press screenshot on the keyboard, go to paint, select "paste", crop, save, upload to or other (permanent) filesharing site.
  • Use a tileset in your pictures. It makes it more accessible for everyone else.
  • Aim for four to eight updates total for your whole turn. Little piecemeal updates aren't good for keeping reader interest, and trying to squish it all into a single update never works well. Write it like a serialized book with cliffhangers.
  • Get at least twenty pictures during the course of your turn, and write at least 2000 words total (again, over the course of your turn). This is the extreme low end. Doing four to six times more than this should be okay, and doing more than this is preferable. As long as you're not lazy, you'll probably hit the 20/2k mark without even trying. After all, if you do eight updates, that's 250 words an update. That's less than all the words in the General Rules section. That's easy.
  • "Nothing interesting happened" is not an excuse for not writing much. Saying this only means you're lazy and have no imagination, and that has no place in a succession fort. :P The first person that says this is typically the one that kills off interest in the succession fort. People don't need something horrible to happen to the fortress to be entertained. They just need something funny to read.
Dorfing list:
  • None
Dorfing is always open! Just request a dorf to be added to the list. Please include your dorf's name in the request, and put it in the discussion thread. Optionally, you can request a profession/gender/appearance/etc, but be aware that this may not always be possible to fulfill.

Maps and things
Spoiler:      SHOW
Starting seven:
Spoiler:      SHOW
As horrible fates befall our starting seven, I'll chronicle their mishaps here.
  • Princess Pantsless
  • Squirrel
  • Saoirse
  • Jimdorf Dorfson III (Injured in a mining accident, but still alive)
  • Fawkes
  • Guldan
  • GoatDorf SquelchBum
Great Beasts we've vanquished
Spoiler:      SHOW
A scoring list of great beasts we vanquish during the game - be they titans or forgotten beasts. I'll include how they died and which ruler killed them.
  • A roc, killed by Geralt Ilulled during Fawkes' turn
How saves work:
Spoiler:      SHOW
As I realize most people here haven't imported/exported saves (this isn't the Bay12 community, after all), I'm including a set of instructions detailing how to get a save imported/exported. :) I'll answer any other question in the discussion thread.
How to upload saves
It's pretty simple. I'll walk you through it, step by step.
  1. Navigate to your Dwarf Fortress folder
  2. Open data/save/
  3. Right-click on the appropriate save folder, and choose "Send to > compressed (zipped) folder
  4. Go to The Dwarf Fortress File Depot, make an account, and upload your zipped file
  5. Post the link it gives you here
How to import saves
This is even easier.
  1. Download the file
  2. Cut/copy it to your Dwarf Fortress/data/save folder
  3. Unzip/extract
That's really all there is to it. :)
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

Image We embark into the far west of the world, to the volcano The Fires of Control in The Entangled Shell-Swamp, near to the brook Slayerseduce.
Image Us seven arrive with a small pile of goods. We also have 3 dogs, a cat, 2 goats, 3 chickens, and 2 water buffalo lugging our gear.
These animals will hopefully allow us to feed on animal flesh without having to resort to actually putting in effort hunting or fishing.
Image Image 15th Granite. 100
We arrive, Saoirse, our expedition leader, has led us onto the edge of the great volcano for a bit of a long winded speech, something about pudding.
I was contemplating throwing him into the volcano to see what would happen, but with only seven of us, we would need all hands on deck, so to speak.
Image 1st Slate. 100
We have started initial excavations, and have begun moving goods closer to the entrance for later distribution to storage piles. We also sent Princess Pantsless out to chop down some trees, for cheap construction material, and to piss off the local elves. Screw elves man.
Image 13th Slate. 100
Today we started furrowing the farmland we carved out above the entrance. Soon we shall start to grow mushrooms, and turn them into glorious alcohol! All hail wine!
Image 20th Felsite. 100
We have completed the trading post, and gotten everything inside. We have some workshops operational on the lower levels, and will soon start producing goods.
Image 10th Hematite. 100
Our bedrooms are all complete now, except for the door to Goatdorf's room, but he doesn't care so we haven't put any effort in to fix that for him.
Image late Malachite. 100
We received seven migrants, many females among them will help to even out gender ratios and stop SOME PEOPLE from humping anything that moves.
Image 17th Galena. 100
Today a Magma Crab crawled out of the volcano, now crabs are not exactly funny when they are able to spit magma at you, so most of our workers have fled. Unfortunately nodwarf thought to bring weapons along, except for Princess Pantsless. And to resolve this we need the magma for the forges! Image The magma crab attacked one of our migrants! Deler Gethshorast. Image It seems the Deler managed to bash the crab to death with her bare fists!
However after the battle she has gone missing, one hopes she didn't fall into the magma.
Image Mid Limestone. 100
We have our first visit from the Mountainhomes.
Traders are here, however they neither have anything we need, nor do we have anything worth trading.
The magma forges are nearly ready, and this time next year we should surely have plenty of goods to trade!
But people know we are here now, this can only be a good thing.
Image 9th Sandstone. 100
More migrants have arrived! Lets put them to work hauling stone around. We now have 17 dwarfs at the fortress, we are growing steadily.
Image 11th Sandstone. 100
After much planning and preparation the magma flows! Into small contained chambers underneath the workshops. This magma shall heat the forges, and the ringing of hammer on anvil shall cry out from the bowels of Hawkspears!
Image 1st Timber. 100
Today we finished melting down some of the Tetrahedrite we brought with us, giving us a small supply of copper and silver to start building weapons and tools with. Pickaxes here we come!
Image 5th Opal. 100
Today the ghost of the migrant, Deler, who killed the magma crab earlier this year rose to haunt us. Will have to get Saoirse onto building a memorial. I wonder if we should drop that memorial into the volcano...
Image 6th Obsidian. 100
Today we dropped the memorial to Deler Gethshorast into the volcano, and discovered the great magma sea in doing so. May her ghost rest forever on the floor of the world.
Image 1st Granite. 101
Today ends my reign over Hawkspears, I leave us with a good population, and a fresh chicken coop.
We have magma forges, and copper, and silver.
We have farms, and bedrooms, and workshops.
We have a future.

I can rest easy knowing the my successor has a solid base to stand upon, and can lead us safely into the future!
Image We have a bunch of animals... Image A Farm at the top of our home... Image Housing below that, with plenty of room for newcomers... Image A large storehouse behind our trading post and main entrance, which resides below our housing... Image Some workshops and forges a floor lower... Image And the wonderful magma piping, which feeds our forges.

I hearby leave Hawkspears to the next in line! ... sp=sharing
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

1st of Granite, year 101.
Image Dearest Diary.

I don't know if I can go on much longer. It's starting to look really grim.

I guess I should explain.

I, Talvienne, thought I'd take a trip into the wilderness to harden myself so the other dwarves wouldn't laugh at me anymore. It was supposed to let me commune with nature and become one with the forest animals... except all the forest animals run away from me! I don't know why they won't let me near. I don't want to hurt them, after all, surely they know that!

I'm running low on food at this point. I don't know where the mountains are anymore either. The trees are too thick... oh, this was so stupid of me. I'm going to starve to death out here! If I'm already running out of food, then if this goes on, soon I'll have to start rationing. That means no mid-afternoon or midnight snacks! It's going to be so horrible! I've been out of animal crackers and grape juice for at least a week now.

Wait... Diary, I think I hear a noise coming from the west. Maybe it's elves! Oh, I do so hope it's elves! I know elves live in forests - diary, wait! I'm going to write more in you later, I promise. I must go see the elves! They're somewhere near the top of that mountain!

It feels so warm as I get closer! Truly this is elf magic! Oh, diary, I'm so happy I came!

Image ...It's dwarves, and a volcano. I was so excited, too, so you can understand why I was a bit peeved. I marched into the outpost, giving a loud sniff of disappointment. They barely seemed to notice me except for a miner that introduced himself as Jimdorf Dorfson III. "Are you from the mountainhome?" he asks.

I weigh my options carefully. I can either say yes... or I can say no. Then I suppose a third option would be to break down crying, and although the other guys at the mountainhome always made fun of me for that, it seems a safe bet. But something strange comes over me. Instead of crying, I lift my chin, and say with an air of dignity, "Yes, I am." Unfortunately, I must confess that my voice wasn't as dignified and important as I had wished, and came out as a rather thin squeak.

Jimdorf grunts. "Checks out," he says disdainfully. "Must be a fukcin' noble. I'll send you down to our expedition leader, Saoirse." With that, he spins me around and shoves me down the stairs. I descend quickly, but hear him say "Fukcing twat," under his breath. Although I turn around and gape at him, he doesn't even bother looking back over his shoulder. How horribly rude! Diary, what have I done to fall into such a loathesome band of uncouth savages? And the place is so ugly - it's like they don't have proper architects or artists!

Image Saoirse is down below, busy with sorting out barrels or something. I timidly ask her what she's sorting, and she replies, somewhat enthusiastically, "Pudding!"

I feel such an incredible warmth towards her when this blessed word leaves those beautiful lips of hers. Diary, I think I might be in love. Pudding isn't quite the same thing as animal crackers - but still, sweet mother of Aphrodite, I love this girl already. I tell her I've been sent from the mountainhome. As an added fib - just to impress her - I say that they want me to take over operation of their outpost. And oh my god, would you believe it? She believed me!! In fact, she suggested I go walk around the fortress for a day and see what needed to be done. I started to like her slightly less at that. More walking? But diary, I've already been walking for at least a week! My feet are so sore - I can almost feel blisters. I'm quite certain the skin will peel away soon, or that something else terrible will happen if I don't get some much-needed beauty sleep... but in the interest of wooing my dear lady Saoirse, I generously obliged.

. . .

It wasn't long before I found some things in dire need of fixing.
Image There are no snacks here!!! They don't even have a category in their stockpile records for cakes and snacks! Just this "other" section, and I'm told that mostly contains seeds. I could cry, diary, I really could. I'll have to rectify this problem as soon as possible. However, without any snacks, I decided it might be best to "check out" the bedrooms.

This turned out to be a mistake, as it only made me more unhappy.

Image The bedrooms are horrid! The ceilings are low, and the floors are made of cold, hard stone! Yes, to be sure, we're each provided with a rock cabinet (not even wood!) to keep our things in, but still, there's nothing in the way of decoration - not even a window! Miserable, I picked out a room at random (they're all the same! There's nothing to choose from!) and put my stores of food away, and my scented candles. Trying to stay cheerful, I hung one of my shawls on the wall, but it only served to emphasize the fact that the room is so despicably drab. There isn't even carpet, and I would so love a feather bed... these beds of hardened wood are so uncomfortable, like something a goblin would sleep in.

For the next few hours, I tossed and turned on the hard bed, covered up with one of the quilted blankets I brought with me on my wilderness journey, but couldn't catch a wink of sleep. I did catch several splinters, though. Eventually I decided that perhaps my nap should wait until later, and went outside for a breath of fresh air.

Image This was, again, a poor decision on my part. Upon leaving the little outpost, I discovered that there were trees overhanging the volcano! I was absolutely horrified! Gods, what if they caught fire?! That would be horrible! The whole forest might burn down! It was a terribly difficult decision - I do so greatly dislike cutting down trees - but if a few felled trees might save the forest (and more importantly, the cute creatures therein), then I will certainly do my part... but I couldn't help the tears in my eyes as I called for the outpost's lumberjack.

He soon arrived, half naked. He seems insane, diary. He calls himself Princess Pantsless, and, true to form, doesn't wear any pants. I wasn't sure whether to be horrified or somewhat aroused, and I think I managed a bit of both before I managed to shut my gaping jaw and avert my eyes. Mr. Princess went straight to work on the wood, and I was truly pleased at how quickly and efficiently he worked. He has such incredible skill, diary! Despite my initial misgivings, it was an extremely pleasing experience. As animal-like as he seemed, he didn't use his teeth like a beaver might, and it wasn't long before I'd finished.
Image I'd decided my walk outside was done. It was clear he knew what he was doing with his axe, and I didn't have the attention span or the heart to continue watching him chop down those poor trees, however good he might be at felling them.

What I really needed, I decided, was some of Saoirse's pudding.

...That is, until I realized what it was. She proudly got out some of the material - a gooey gel-like substance that smelled rather tart... almost like... plump helmet wine. I begged my lady's forgiveness and ran to the kitchens to see what they were cooking, and it was exactly as I feared.

Image They're cooking our wine!!! This is atrocious! I demanded an immediate stop to it at once, which I am sorry to say greatly upset my dear Saoirse, but I really have no choice in this! If they boil down all our wine, we'll have nothing to drink! I couldn't let this happen.

To appease Saoirse, I agreed to at least try some of her pudding. She ladled me out a large slab (yes, a slab, diary) and watched me intently. I hesitated. "Where is the dining room?" I asked tentatively.

I nearly wept at her response. There is no dining room! Naturally I wanted to order it done at once, but she said that our miners were already busy elsewhere... and that meant that there was only one choice. Saoirse mentioned that it was fortunate I was a noble from the mountainhomes, as they're no stranger to hard work, which I took as a hint as to how I could woo her. She watched me keenly, and I was aware that in order to keep up my charade, I must take up a pick and begin. And so, diary, I marked out a few new designations for rooms on her map (including a splendid dining hall), and began to work... at least until she stopped watching me.
Image My muscles do so ache, diary, you have no idea.

13th of Slate, year 101.

The past month and a half have been horrible in every way. The dwarves have absolutely no form of recreation whatsoever. There are no putting greens, there are no board games, and there isn't even a crude horseshoe toss area! Even the dogs aren't fit to play with - they're monstrous strays that attack everything in sight!
Image Clearly, this is what the outpost of Hawkspears needs most: recreation. They think one should work all day, from dawn 'til dusk, and honestly diary, that is just so cruel on the dwarven physique! I hardly did more than lift my pickaxe the first day, I swear, and it nearly killed me! My whole body ached the next day like nothing I'd ever known. Saoirse, my good lady, at least took pity on me and fed me some of the choicest pudding from her stocks, and I fear it's starting to grow on me. Worse still, something horrible has happened to me!
Image I've been officially listed in the records as a miner! I don't understand how it could happen! I sorely need a hot spa to relax my aching muscles at the end of every day... but that gave me an idea.

I'm going to build a beautiful wooden waterslide! Well, to be sure, I won't build it myself. As leader of this small outpost, I will get the other dwarves to do it for me. I've begun to grow fond of being in charge. It is truly suited to someone of my disposition. Anyway, diary, here's my plan: I'm going to have our miners (not me!) dig down to the caverns for some water, and pump that water up, all the way to the top of the volcano. Then we'll cool the magma on the top with water to keep anyone from falling in (it's a safety hazard), and use it as a warm sunbathing platform. The water will be used to cool off overheated sunbathers and then cascade down a wooden tube in the mountainside for an absolutely glorious waterslide, all draining into a sparkling pool under the trees at the base! In the winter we can even heat up the waters from the warmth of the volcano to keep our sliders steamy and fresh! Diary, my vision of it is so beautiful! I wish I had better artistic talent, for I would so dearly love to make a sketch, or a painting.

The dwarves here will surely come to recognize the benefit of lengthy breaks from labor. The forest animals will come to drink at the pool, making the entire region healthier and happier. Even the forest trees I was forced to cut down are going to good use! Everyone benefits from this!

I order that work begin immediately.
Image Image
Unfortunately, it seems even nature itself conspires against me. Our miners reached the first cavern and found it completely devoid of water.
Image That means I'll have to send the miners down even deeper. We must have water for my slide! It must be found! I'm starting to grow calluses on my hand, and I need them removed! Worse, I'm almost out of moisturizing lotion! I suspect that Mr. Princess has been stealing it - whatever for, I cannot imagine - possibly to smooth down his shaft. His axe handle is rather rough after all, but I mean really Diary, he should ask first! If I run out, my hands will become so dry and cracked, I don't know if I'll be able to bear it! And that's to say nothing of my poor feet! I still haven't found a way to carpet these floors.

At least I still have my candles. I put on one of my favorites - a calming pumpkin spice - and drift off to sleep...

17th of Slate, year 101.

I'm rudely awakened at some point with an announcement from Saoirse:
Image Elves have arrived! While the awakening was rude, I am so happy to have this news! Elves are coming! They know of my achievements! I'm trying to civilize this horrible dwarven hellhole and turn it into something civilized, and the elves must have been paying close attention! I rush outside to see them, and oh my god, diary, they're so beautiful! I nearly swoon at their loveliness and cultured airs, and order that some of our best pudding be taken out to them (I've grown rather fond of it). Then I quickly draft one of our dwarves at random to become our new bookkeeper.
Image Image But then something terrible happens. The elves take one look at our wooden barrels - the ones that Mr. Princess so carefully crafted - and begin to pack their things. I rush to them and ask them whatever is the matter, begging them not to leave. If the quality is too low, we could find something better! I do so greatly desire we become good friends with them! Surely they must realize this!
Image "Once a lovely tree, but now? It is a rude bauble," they say disdainfully, "fit only for your kind."

These last words sear into me. "No!" I protest. "You don't understand! I'm a dwarf, yes, but it wasn't my decision! Think of me as an elf, trapped in a dwarven body! It's not my fault nature made me this way - you can't lump me in with them!" I thrust a finger in the direction of the fortress, and manage (by accident, diary, I swear! I wasn't looking) catch Saoirse in the breast. I redden in embarrassment and begin to cry. "Please, Cacame? Ethymil? You must understand!"

They look at me cruelly. "There is nothing to understand. You are a tree-murdering dwarf, just like the rest." And they leave.
Image I fall to my knees as they begin travelling out the fortress entrance. "But it was to save the forest," I whimper... but no one hears.

P.S., diary... I think, after today, I'm becoming something more of an alcoholic. It's a nasty habit I know I must stop... I had two cups of dwarven wine instead of just one. I feel so ashamed, and only my chocolate chip cookie candle and a slab of pudding could help me sleep tonight after all the events that have transpired.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

29th of Slate, Year 101
Hello, Diary! Some interesting things have happened in the past couple of weeks.

Most important things first: Saoirse is still rejecting my advances, but less so than before! I traded her one of my candles (Meringue Pie) for a really nice puddling slab yesterday, too. (This may have been a mistake. I think she put the candle in her next batch, because it tasted somewhat like meringue pie and beeswax.) I absolutely must get several bee colonies set up, Diary. This fortress needs more candles, and if I keep giving them to people to try to make the fortress smell better, I'll be out soon.

Another thing the fortress needed a lot more of arrived earlier today.

Image Migrants!!!

Surely they embarked on their long journey to Hawkspears because they had heard of the inspiring visionary (me, Diary!) that dwelt there! I was so overjoyed that I ran straight out to meet them! Some of them waved at me as they passed. I'm sure they must have recognized me!

Image They all gathered in our lovely dining hall. (Please forgive the boulders! I promise I'll move them soon.) We have so many people now! Our population is now at precisely 42, making us a Hamlet instead of an Outpost!

And even better news, Diary: They came without professions! They understand!!! They're just like me! Isn't this wonderful? I'll prohibit killing trees at all from now on, and when the Elves come back, they'll surely see we've changed our ways! I'm so happy, Diary. We aren't going to be crude, savage dwarves at all at Hawkspears. We'll be civilized, fancy, and delightfully fabulous.
Image Image This brings our fortress population up to 42. I was going to start out immediately and have them continue work on my slide, but then Saoirse reminded me of something rather important that I had forgotten: Bedrooms! Why, of course we need bedrooms! How silly of me to have forgotten, Diary. I assured my new friends that I would have rooms for them straightaway, and called for Jimdorf Dorfson III - that rude miner that met me at the gates. (I haven't forgotten, oh no.) turned out Jimdorf was busy mining down below, still hunting for water I set him after. I looked pleadingly at Saoirse to help. She's a miner, I know. But no... she was too busy cooking more pudding. :( This meant that the job had to fall to me.

Diary, please don't think badly of me for this. I swear, it's only once more, and just for a good cause. We need places for my new friends to take morning and afternoon naps, just like I do! And so... I must work. :cry: I will try to write more tonight, but I do fear my poor fingers will be so sore, I won't be able to hold a quill.

Dearest Saoirse, have you no pity on me for my suffering? I do suffer so valiantly for you - what must I do to earn your love?
Image I'll carve out the prettiest bedrooms Hawkspears has ever seen and adorn them with the most lovely gems, candles, and woven rugs from our elven traders. Then, truly, Saoirse will see how wonderful I am. Maybe she'll even marry me! We'd be just perfect together, after all. The year is still young. Anything could happen.

8th of Felsite, year 101
Since my last entry, my workers have gotten a lot more done on Le Grandslide (as I've taken to calling it). The word le gives it an elvish ring, don't you think? It sounds so pretty! And better yet, I know exactly how I'm going to make it work! I have a lot of architects and artists in our migrant wave, which I've taken to calling Le Spring Wave of Migrantes, by Talvienne. The fancy title sounds so romantic! I can't tell if the other dwarves like my names for things or not, but they seem more than happy to help me design my slide. I've hidden my Grand Purpose from them - just for the time being, diary - so that it'll be a great surprise when I unveil Le Grandslide. I'll have a big banner reading, "Le Grandeslide, by Talvienne". It will be so wonderful! We'll have people standing atop the covered volcano, throwing flower petals down on the cheering masses below as the first sparkling waters cascade down the slide towards the pool at the bottom!
Image Image After the water reaches the terminating pool, it will slow beneath a bridge so our sliders can climb out, and then drain through a lovely underground tunnel lined with pretty statues into a nearby cavern! I know most dwarves will never see this, but the thought of how gorgeous it will look makes me near-giddy with excitement!

Oh, dear me, Diary, I'm starting to feel faint and dizzy from happiness. Where is my sweet, lovely Saoirse? I may soon find myself in desperate need of her care.

Image We're also in desperate need of beds, I might mention as well. I've nearly finished digging out our new bedrooms, and we have an extreme shortage of beds. There is only one solution to this, though I like it not. I do hope my friends the Elves will forgive me for it, but I've ordered my good friend Mr. Princess to take some wood and start shaping it. He is so wonderfully good with his tool, Diary, and I have no doubts we'll have a fine set of beds in no time.
Image Mr. Princess never fails to impress. I would come for him, and so fast, too, were he ever in danger, and rescue him from whatever foul evil had befallen him and his handsomely square chin... provided I wasn't in danger too, of course.

Coincidentally, danger is precisely what befell Jimdorf Dorfson III earlier this week, when he fell victim to a tragic mining accident. It was horrible, diary! There was blood everywhere, and mangled limbs... I couldn't bear to look at it for fear my lunch might rise in my throat. Instead, I had one of the nearby dwarves take the corpse and bury it outside beneath the blooming persimmon trees. The poor dog... at least the little puppy will have his eternal slumber somewhere lovely.
Image Jimdorf, however, was fine. I got quite upset at him for killing a dog, and tried to have him charged with first-degree murder, but no one took it seriously. But let it be known: Talvienne is watching you, Jimdorf. I know where you sleep. Someday - somehow - I will come for you.

I will come so hard.

20th of Felsite, year 101
Bob Fett is a truly exceptional artist. What I possess in intelligence, he possesses in skill with the chisel. His hand is so steady, Diary! It took him hardly a week to engrave all the walls of our dining hall with some truly exceptional images!
Image Image He likes to talk about things in such a dreamy way, Diary. I find myself forever quoting him. "Look around. Look at what we have. Beauty is everywhere—you only have to look to see it," he says sometimes. I fully agree with him. And, my favorite: "We don't make mistakes. We just have happy accidents." Isn't that so dreamy, diary? Most of his engravings are of dwarves talking with each other, or founding Hawkspears, but there are a few exciting ones too, like of the taming of animals, or slaying of evil creatures! Oo-oo-ooh, those last ones do so make me shiver, Diary! I try to sit with my back facing those when I eat my meals.

Unfortunately, not all is fun and games. While I dearly love Bob Fett, I've come to detest many of those that arrived in our last migrant wave. Our peasants had come under false pretenses, and weren't here to relax at all. Those are soldiers, Diary. When they saw we weren't making any progress toward building a barracks or training room, they began to grow upset. How was I supposed to know that's what they wanted? And why are they even here?

One of them complained that we'd falsely advertised our outpost as a war-based fort! This is Hawkspears! Look at the name! It even has the word hawk in it! A hawk is a graceful creature that flies high above the world, reveling in the joy of the air, sky and stars... they're so beautiful and majestic, and have absolutely nothing to do with war, so I can't imagine why soldiers would think a name like Hawkspears implied we were fighters.

...I'm so sorry, diary. I let my temper get the best of me. I feel so ashamed... they are, after all, only simple-minded jarheads. It is my solemn duty to convert them to my cause, so they understand the need for peace, tranquility, and happiness. We probably won't get any goblins out here anyway - and even if we did, I'll just go outside and talk to them. By then, Le Grandeslide (By Talvienne) will have been completed, and I'll just say, "Hello there, my dear sirs. We aren't racist here at Hawkspears, like other dwarves might be; everyone can have a turn on my waterslide." And they'll look at me, and then they'll look at the beautiful LGBT, and they'll say, "Yes. Let's put down our weapons, my brethren, and make peace with these dwarves, who truly understand the beauty of nature." And there will be no more war.

It will be so happy, Diary. We're making history here! I can't imagine why no one has ever tried this before...

...Perhaps all dwarves are just a lot stupider than I am. It's the only thing that makes sense. I pity them, but eventually, I'm sure they'll learn. In the meantime, I've ordered a new training room dug out next to the trade depot. Hopefully the location will remind them that trading and diplomacy are better than war.
Image Image I've also ordered that some copper battleaxes be forged. Being copper, it'll be sure to keep from hurting anyone too badly, in case one of our soldiers gets too excited.

11th of Hematite, year 101
It's been a few weeks since I wrote in you last, Diary. Summer is here! And that terrible rain finally let up. It's so much calmer outside now! The slide will be so important to cool off with in the years to come.

I have a few things to talk about now - they need my immediate attention, so I won't be able to spend long writing in you, diary.

First, a caravan has arrived! Humans! We haven't had humans before. I wonder if they like elves... if they do, we may be able to forge an alliance.
Image Second, and more excitingly, we have magma crabs! Four of them, to be exact, and they're almost at the top of the volcano!
Image Oh, it's so exciting, Diary! I'm sure they've come to look at Le Grandeslide. It must be so detestably hot inside a volcano. Which reminds me of two things. First, the other dwarves put it to a vote and decided to remove my name from the initials of LGBT. I don't know why - surely I ought to get some credit for the idea. I'm practically the founder! No one has more claim to the title than I do. It just isn't fair! :( "LG" just doesn't sound as pretty. But, to please them (and because I'm tired of arguing), I let them shorten the initials... just this once.

However... it looks like the slide will soon be finished. I have news, Diary - le grande news -
Image I was digging today, and found water. It won't be long now. I've started the necessary arrangements, and Princess Pantsless is already hard at work making a lot of nice, hard wooden shafts, just for me.

I hope our dwarves are good at pumping. LG will need it.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

24th of Hematite, Year 101

Dearest Diary.
Image Things have been quite pleasant the previous weeks. The human traders finished setting up their cute little stalls at the trade depot, and I got to go around and look at all the neat things they brought. We sold them some of our food in exchange for... more food, except this new food isn't pudding. It seems humans really like pudding, and I can't say I blame them (although I do have a love-hate relationship with it myself). I feel I must mention that I felt uneasy while I was around them, and it's not just because they're so unnaturally tall. They seem very... un-elven. Like the opposite of elven, if that makes sense. It does make me so uncomfortable. I feel they might be plotting our demise.

I also managed to purchase a tome of history from them, and I've taken it to my room to read, if I can find the time. I'm always so dreadfully busy now, diary. I've had to shorten my naps from three hours to two, and my midday strolls through the forest are a thing of the past... not that I would enjoy it too greatly, as it rarely stops raining here. Such a dreary location to build a fortress - I can't imagine what fool would choose to select such a spot!

(Jimdorf Dorfson, that's who. I'm still watching you, Mr. Dorfson. I'll get you yet.)

Image After the humans left, I had our dwarves finish setting up a defensive perimeter around the top of the fortress with pretty wooden walls. I know they aren't actually walls, Diary, but I'm hoping that humans will at least have the aesthetic sense to appreciate fine art, and instead of attacking, will sit back and ponder the deeper meanings of our art installations. ...Unfortunately, as they're made of wood, we'll need to keep the elves from seeing them. (I sincerely regret ordering Mr. Princess to chop down those trees, you have no idea.)

I am making up for this horrible transgression with my beehives. I'm going to set up ten of them. They will keep the flowers well-pollinated and fresh, and give us plenty of honey to use in making cakes, as well as (most importantly) lots of beeswax to use in making lovely scented candles.

Image Oh, and Diary! I almost forgot to mention! One of our dwarves, a certain Litast Sazirotin, created a chestnut crown!
Image It's so very lovely to look at, and the shape and form is symbolic and metaphorical. It's a metaphor for the cold stone masculinity of the dwarves, and the warm, loving femininity of the elves, and how it would be so wise to work as one. It has an image of a book on it; this represents intelligence. Why ever did I become a fortress ruler? I would be so much happier as a purveyor of fine art as lovely as this.

But of course, I am fortress ruler solely for the sake of my dear Saoirse. Though a difficult, stressful task indeed, she is well worth the strain. Sadly, I have seen her less often, as of late. I wonder why she's been missing... I feel I ought to find out. I shall write more in you later, Diary.

11th of Galena, Year 101
Oh my god, Diary! It has been over a month and a half since I wrote in you last! I feel so ashamed! But truly, there was not much to write! Actually, if truth must be told, I was distracted for the longest with my dear Saoirse. I began to suspect she might be seeing someone, and the thought made me so terribly unhappy that I clearly had no choice other than to follow her at a distance... fortunately, my fears have since been eased.

Image More migrants have arrived! These dear, wonderful souls are clearly not here because they'd heard of me; it seems those were merely fantasies of mine as a new ruler. I hurriedly set up the rest of the bedrooms so we'd have a place for them, but they'll be without rooms for a brief while. It is so fortunate that I have thought up a plan to make up for it! Remember the lack of carpets, diary? I know how to remedy this problem now! We can have carpets! Diary, it's so deceptively simple, a madman with the mind of a child could have thought of it!

Please, do allow me to explain.
Image As we pump up water from the caverns, we'll pour some of it down into the bedroom areas. The water will bring fine sediments from the caverns below - which of course will be terribly disgusting - but after a time, they will begin to grow cavern moss! It will be so soft underfoot, and smell so nice! Some of it will even flower in the appropriate seasons! We'll be one with nature! Oh, diary, isn't it a truly wonderful idea? There's no way it could go wrong, and it will be so much more pleasing to the touch than these cold, hard floors!

Image Speaking of hard things, Jimdorf Dorfson III has been complaining quite loudly about his injuries, and has become quite hard to deal with. He's just a whiny little child inside, diary. I do so wish he would stop complaining all the time, it drives me batty! Sometimes I can hardly get in a good meditation session atop my waterslide without him coming to pester me about how I need to be "pulling my share" - as if I didn't already do more than my part managing the fortress! I considered hiring a hammerer to lightly tap some sense into him... but I wouldn't want to see him walking around my village after the hammer was done. I might start feeling sorry for him!

In light of this, I have dug out two new areas underground. The first, to the west of one of the lower passages, is a beautiful hospital. Every patient shall have their own room! If needed (such as in the case of Mr. Dorfson), we can lock them in a room until they starve. If they survive, we can simply take them across the hall to our new prison! It will be an ugly, drab place with thin walls and no respect for the rules of aesthetically pleasing design! ...well, almost no respect. I couldn't bring myself to make it truly ugly, I must confess. We simply need some chains... but seeing as we are almost out of copper, it may be some time before we have some.

Image For those of us that are not horrible people, I have begun setting up a beautiful tavern area. It will of course be some time before it is complete, but I'm making steady progress! Not many people (besides the cook) are willing to help me, so I'm doing most of the work myself. I'll show them, diary! I'm quite certain that I'll change everyone's minds! It will be so fabulously lovely that they won't have any choice but to appreciate it! I've already had some statues commissioned - by none other than Saoirse herself.

I can hardly contain my excitement!
Image It should be noted that Saoirse's statue references an event I read about in my historic tome: a great battle between humans and elves. The statue is to be placed in the center of the entryway, as a reminder to everyone that humans are evil and not to be trusted.

1st of Limestone, Year 101
Image Autumn has arrived. The trees are all a lovely golden-brown as their leaves change, except for the ones farthest north. Those seem to be of a different temperament, and refuse to change. I wish the fortress were a bit further south, diary. My waterslide will have little need for heating, as the winter will never truly be cold. And yes, just because I haven't mentioned it lately, don't think I've forgotten for even a moment about my waterslide! I have more paths dug out underground, and I'm hoping to pipe in water from the aquifer! Unfortunately, I can't get anyone to help me on my quest.

Actually, diary, things are becoming a little strange and confusing to me.

As time has gone on, I've noticed, more and more, that people are disobeying or ignoring some of my orders. Nobody is willing to flood the bedrooms, for example, and nobody wants to floor over the volcano for a nice sunbathing plateau. Even my smallest request - a croquet court under the forest trees - was completely ignored. I don't understand it! I'm clearly the ruler here: everyone knows my name. I've built up my little outpost to the size of a village - over fifty people! I even appointed a manager.
Image But... the manager won't follow many of my orders either. For instance, I requested a hundred beeswax candles, and although he seemed to realize how important they are, he never actually added them to his production list. In fact, he added a great number of requests for weapons and armor! I was in such a rage, Diary! I burst into his office and would have demanded his immediate resignation had he not pressed a pudding-scented candle into my hand and walked me back into the hallway. It smells truly wonderful, and smells just like Saoirse. I have it burning as I write, and I have a lock of her hair pressed close to my heart. I feel so at peace.

Image My tavern is almost completed, diary. I've opened it for public use and started work on adding some rooms. Hopefully we'll see some visitors soon. Saoirse's statue is proudly displayed directly in the center of the entry-area as I'd planned, and people can sit at tables at the edges of the room as they eat their meals and watch the performers play. I've already appointed a barkeeper, Bomrek Febkir, whom I have grown quite fond of.
Image "The Eater of Competitions" - not the name I would have chosen, diary, but the dwarves seem to think they're so very clever for coming up with the name. I chose not to deny them their fun. It isn't every day they can feel happy with their intelligence. I, an elf in mind and spirit, have the superior intellect, so I feel pity for them sometimes.

The tavern is indeed a gloriously luxurious place to relax. I have spent many hours there so far, Diary - so many that Saoirse is beginning to give me stern looks. I think she's reminding me that I can't win her heart by being idle... so, regretfully, I will leave and get back to work... sometime soon. Not now. I'm sure we'll get our first real visitor fairly soon.

Image Our first actual visitor was a kobold, but I became quite peeved, diary - quite peeved - when the foolish dwarves immediately drove him off, led by none other than Mr. Princess!

We shouldn't be racist here! Everyone should be welcome! Oh my god, and "skulking filth"?? These dwarves have no tolerance for other species - it simply disgusts me! It will be so much work to get them to change their ways, but I'm sure I can manage... I'm young, after all, diary. I have time, yes, but honestly, I'm so distraught at the poor kobold's treatment. :( I need to spend at least a few more hours in the tavern. It's for my emotional health, you see.

Image On another less interesting note, the hospital is done, and I'm in the process of stocking it. It shouldn't be long now.

Image I'm also working on mining out some rooms for our nobles, such as our mayor, Kol.

I think I'm going to dig out a series of rooms for myself as well... by myself, if no one will help me.

16th of Limestone, year 101 Image Diary, the tavern is finished - save for one table. There's a story behind that, but I dare not speak of it... I'll only mention that it involves Mr. Dorfson, a pigtail fiber rope, and a room deep in the fortress.

Our first visitors have arrived, too! One of them, a human warrior by the name of Ulco Glacierlulls, has been reciting poetry. She seems to repent of her crude, uncivilized ways, and her civilizaton's burning hatred for the elves, and is trying to become more like me.

I do so love poetry! If I could, I would change my name to something with "Poet" in it. Anyone with "poet" in their name would certainly be a wonderfully civilized, intelligent person - polite and genteel to everyone they met, and so well cultured, too. You would be able to tell just by the name. If I am ever fortunate enough to chance upon a meeting with a kind soul with "poet" in their name, I will sit a while and listen to their vast wisdom.

Image We've also dug out and completed rooms underneath the tavern for visitors. If anyone with a trouble heart finds themselves at the Eater of Competitions, they may rest their weary feet and soak their souls in the waters of Le Grandeslide for as long as they desire, until they find peace.

Image And... at long last, Diary, a caravan from the mountainhome has arrived. It undoubtedly has some of my friends from home in its entourage! I will go see them immediately, to show them how much I've changed. Surely they won't laugh at me anymore!

And on that note, I need another candle from the manager. My Saoirse-candle is beginning to burn low, and I would be so heartbroken if I could no longer smell her scent.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

22nd of Limestone, year 101
Dearest Diary.
Image I regret to say that my informing my former brothers of the mountainhome that I'd changed was for naught. At first it seemed they hardly recognized me - which I took as quite the positive sign! ...but then it turned out that they had almost forgotten me instead. :( When they did remember, they laughed at me just the same as before for my "odd mannerisms" and politely suggested I go live with the elves. I should quite like that, diary. They always do give me such wonderful advice, though I do so wish they wouldn't laugh at me... it does terribly upset my delicate state of mind at times. I felt almost queasy, to be sure.

In exchange for some of their wares, I offered them some of our slabs of pudding and other cooked goods. They took a mouthful of Saoirse's pudding and immediately declared that it was so filling they couldn't eat another bite, and warned their comrades not to indulge in it lest they were not hungry for their dinner. I can't imagine why they would want to wait, Diary, but dwarves are such queer creatures at times. Later, I shall inform Saoirse of her success at cooking; she ought to be quite pleased. Indeed - the entire world shall know of Saoirse's pudding now!

After Mayor Kol met with the outpost liaison (why would they not let me meet with the liaison, Diary?), he brought us the terms of our agreement:
Image It seems that demand for crutches and scepters are quite high at the mountainhome - possibly due to the King wanting a better one than he has, and wanting a good variety to choose from. If that is the case, I shall forego crafting crutches and have the craftsdwarves create a good quantity of scepters to sell instead.

Image On a different note, Diary, some more migrants arrived today. I've been feeling of lower spirits lately, and declined to meet them this time. I will get to know them later. Instead, I went to spend some time with the artist - my good friend, Bob Fett. I've confided in him much over the past few months, and I feel we've grown very close.
Image I found Bob Fett putting the last finishing touches on a mural in the tavern. It's about the elves, and how the humans attacked them. I do hate humans so, Diary... but Bob Fett seems good-natured about it. "All things have their place," he said. When I mentioned my issues with getting anyone to help with the Le Grandeslide, he only said, "The secret to doing anything is believing you can do it. Anything that you believe you are strong enough to do, you can do." It's good advice, to be sure, Diary, but I'm not sure how it helps me in my situation. Strength is a silly thing. True strength comes through diplomacy and the help of others... which is why I need more dwarves to help me finish the waterslide. I'm a diplomat!

When I asked Bob Fett to assist, he politely declined - even when I offered a reward. "I can't think of anything more rewarding than being able to express yourself through painting," he told me firmly.

I left unhappy.

23rd of Sandstone, year 101
Autumn is already half over. It seems a shame it should go by so fast, diary. I have very little to talk about. I've mostly spent my time unhappy about one thing or another.

I'm out of candles, and I have yet to find a migrant with any knowledge of candle-making. Even the manager declines to give me anymore. My lovely hives aren't quite to where they're producing mead and beeswax, but I'm hoping they may soon. To get them to work, we'll need screw presses... but I may leave that for next year.

Image We've had a good number of visitors in the fortress, diary - most of them humans, sadly. I pretend to be happy about it. They seem to like the statue I placed in the tavern - but I have no idea why. They utterly confound me at times. Some of them even asked if they could stay at the fortress. I accepted their offers.

Image In the meantime, I carved myself out a tomb, deep underground. As I lay trapped in this terrible state of depression, death is often on my mind. I would like a nice place for my eternal rest. Bob Fett was kind enough to assist me in decorating it. I am deeply grateful to him.

Meanwhile, I have grown less fond of Saoirse. Perhaps it is not true love after all. Rather than comfort me, she merely sends me out to work on some other task. "Work will help you feel better," she says. "Here, you could go work on some bedrooms."

But I don't want to work on bedrooms, Diary. I want to sleep. Mr. Princess can't even cheer me up anymore - I find little pleasure where I used to in our meetings. I've started talking to other older members of the fortress as well, trying to find someone that would cheer me up. Guldan and Fawkes are always too busy with farming or brewing to be of any assistance, and Squelchbum (gods, what an atrocious name! his parents must have been awful) does nothing but squelch, burp and *shudder* fart around me all the time. I can't abide his presence. Squirrel at least does well with armor and weaponry.

As for Jimdorf... well... We do not speak of Jimdorf.

Image The caravan leaders have announced they'll be leaving later today, so I suppose I should go see them off. I shall write more later, Diary.

23rd of Sandstone, year 101 (addendum)
Oh my god, Diary. Remember the magma crabs? It seems they liked the forest outside even more than they liked the volcano (which isn't too difficult to understand). They set up camp to the south of the fortress, and were there until the caravan arrived.
Image There was a great battle! Oh, the foul fiends tried to hurt my friends!
Image Fortunately the brave souls of the mountainhome managed to dodge the incoming magma as the crabs spewed forth the lifeblood of the earth, and sent them to an early grave... but not before the forest caught fire. It burns, diary. The forest south of the fortress burns.

The dwarves aren't worried. "Oh, it's just a little smoke an' flame, laddie. It'll go out on its own," one tried to reassure me. But I know better. I am no fool. I'm going to take the initiative. To that end, I've started a fire brigade to try to pour water on the fire to keep it from getting to the fortress - and to try to save the poor, helpless forest animals. I must go now - my forest friends call for their savior, and I am the only one standing between them and total annihilation.

If I die, diary... if I die, then...


...actually, I think I'll stay indoors. I seem to be suffering from... ah... heatstroke, yes. Also possibly a bout of pancreatitis, and I think I'm more than likely terribly prone to temperature-associated skin lesions. It would be safest for everyone if I watched from a distance, so I don't put anyone's lives in danger. In the meantime, I'm going to look for more people to send into the fire to help put it out.

I have high hopes, Diary. We'll save those poor forest creatures.

9th of Timber, Year 101
The southern forest is destroyed.
Image Not a thing remains alive. The southern forest is nothing but an ash-swept plain for miles. There was never a raging forest fire, either: everything burned one small patch at a time. If I had just gotten a few people to help save it... or perhaps if I'd gone out there myself, diary... we could've saved the forest... or the forest grass, anyway. The trees are fine somehow. The fire never went high enough to reach the tree branches for some reason.

But it's too late now.

Ironically, the only animals that died were the magma crabs - and not by fire, but by the blades of the caravan guards. Despite this, I've still declared it a fortress-wide day of mourning for the home of our forest friends. Everyone is to remain indoors, and in calm, quiet meditation. It's like time-out, in a way, diary. The dwarves need to think about their actions and the trouble they've caused.

... wait, what is that sound? ...hold on a minute, Diary. I'm going to go open the door of my room.


They're cheering, diary. Why on earth would they be cheering? They shouldn't be cheering - they're supposed to be sad! How dare they be happy, and today of all days!

I'm going to go and investigate.


Diary, something is wrong. SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG.
Image I'm hardly out of my room, just up a few flights of stairs, and I can hear magma bubbling away in my slide's closed-off maintenance tunnels! What happened? What went wrong?! Oh my god this is so bad

It's okay. It's okay. Get ahold of yourself, Talvienne, we can fix this. I'm just going to go up top and take a look at the damage, and see what happened. If the volcano sprung a leak, we can simply stop it up, right? We have plenty of boulders lying around. I'd be willing to shove the corpse of a magma crab in the hole if that's what it took. ... Oh gods, I sound so barbaric... Let me just go outside and see what's happening up above. We might be able to figure out where the leak is.
Image It's okay, we can fix it, right? The dwarves can just fix it up, I'm sure. We'll get the leaks clogged in no time. I'll just ask them. They'll fix it - I know they will, they have to. They want a nice, cool slide to cool us off in the summer... they want calm and sparkling waters - who wouldn't? My year here hasn't been for nothing, has it been?


DIARY! They WON'T LISTEN. They LIKE the magma. Oh gods, diary, I don't know where I went wrong! I thought for certain I was getting through to them... but Jimdorf - oh, curse that foul, nasty, heathen little cockroach of a dwarf - he said he was the reason there's magma in my slide! HE DUG A HOLE IN THE SIDE OF MY VOLCANO TO FILL MY SLIDE WITH MAGMA. Oh my god, Diary, I'm in such a frothful rage right now, I could just ... I could... oh my god, diary, I think I'm in such a wrath that I could just tell the hammerer to hit him a few times. I might. I think I might, diary. No, diary, I think I'm going to. That foul dwarf deserves it - he's no better than a human!


Diary, we don't have a hammerer and nobody will listen to me appointing one! I tried to appoint Saoirse as the hammerer but she only laughed at me and said she helped Jimdorf! Saoirse helped Jimdorf ruin my slide!

Oh my god, the magma is running all the way down the slide now - there are upset forest animals absolutely everywhere
Image Whatever will I do, diary? Maybe I just didn't give them enough pudding. No wait, no - Wait, yes! Yes - I'll tell Saoirse to cook more pudding! She loves pudding! If I tell her she can make pudding, she'll plug the holes back and we'll fix my slide! Oh, yes, diary, it's so simple! That must be why they did this - they're protesting! We can fix it! Let me go find her again.


It's no good. Saoirse says I'm the only one that likes her pudding anyway, and nobody else will listen. Bob Fett seems fine with it even, and others, like Squelchbum, are absolutely delighted with all the magma in my slide. He's calling it the "Lava Gusher" - but no, it's supposed to be "Le Grandeslide". That's what the initials "LG" are for.
Image My slide is ruined... Diary, I... almost a year of work, just... just gone. I don't ... I don't know what there is I can do now. That slide was my entire purpose... my entire reason for living... People were going to know us as a place of peace and prosperity, the world over, and what are we now? Yet another dwarven hole in the ground with a moat of magma.

I was a fool, diary, to think dwarves could be anything but dwarves. I should have bypassed the fortress of Hawkspears to look for my elven kindred... and perhaps I still shall.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

22nd of Moonstone, Year 101

Good evening, Diary...

It's been a month now since I wrote in you last. I seem to be growing steadily less fond of keeping a diary. It was more fun, I suppose, when I was happy as a lark and felt I could do whatever I pleased. I felt like I had power, diary, but indeed, I had almost nothing. I couldn't make friends with the forest creatures. I couldn't talk to them. I couldn't even save them. This week's events have left my heart heavy with a despair so deep I cannot see the bottom.
Image My underground slide drain gradually filled with magma until even the second level - where the statues were going to be - had been submerged. I hadn't expected this, diary... worse still, the dwarves revealed that this had been their plan all along. Jimdorf assured me they even had a way to reroute excess magma "so it wouldn't do any harm". He was trying to reassure me, diary - he meant well, I think - but dwarves are so backwards and have no respect for the environment that... well... I suppose there's no better way to say it. They're as bad as humans.

Image Two kobolds tried to come into the fortress while the slide was filling, but as soon as they saw the magma moat, they noped right back out! :( It seems I won't be getting kobolds visiting our tavern after all...

Image After the magma had completely filled the slide, a complicated valve system opened to begin pouring magma out the side of the volcano, presumably to keep the moat from overflowing. I hadn't known about any of this, diary... and after I saw where it was going, I realized that there was a reason nobody had told me about it.
Image It was hardly a week before we smelled smoke and the terrified cries of forest creatures. Diary... the forest burns. They dumped the excess magma out the side of the volcano, into the forest.
Image Image Many storks died in the resulting firestorm, diary. It rapidly consumed the entire forest northeast of the volcano, and there was nothing I could do but sit atop the peak and watch in horror.

We're out of pudding. We're out of candles. Mr. Princess never even started work on making pumps like he said he would, and Saoirse has betrayed my trust and friendship. There is nothing, and no one, that can comfort me, as I watch everything I love turn to ash.
Image All burn.

The elves will never accept me now, and I cannot blame them. I am a terrible disgrace to nature and elvenkind. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm even an elf in a dwarf's body. In fact, I nearly threw myself into the volcano, before I felt the heat on my skin and remembered how painful it would likely be. I was too afraid, diary. I was too afraid... I'm worthless.

I feel miserable.

28th of Opal, Year 101
I spent at least half of the past month alone in my quarters, alternately weeping and sleeping on my hard wooden bed. Nothing makes me happy anymore. I even assigned myself a set of noble's quarters to try to ease my suffering, and it was for naught - not even Bob Fett's lovely engravings upon the walls could ease my sadness.

Eventually Saoirse came to my room herself. I told her I did not want to talk to her, Diary, but she stayed anyway... I didn't know whether to be grateful she was there, or upset that she caused me all this anguish to begin with. Confused and broken, I poured my heart out to her in a fit of despair. My words came out in a jumble, faster and faster as I gushed out all my problems, starting to sob - until finally I burst out with a confession: that I was never supposed to be ruler of Hawkspears in the first place.

At this, I suddenly stopped, aghast at myself and what I'd said. What would she do, now that she knew? Would she haul me to my prison? Would she finally appoint herself hammerer and beat me?


She laughed, Diary. She laughed that twinkling laugh of hers that used to set my skin all a-tingle with happiness, and said that she already knew. In fact, she said she'd known all along, but she wanted to get some work out of me so she played into it and humored me. She said it seemed clear I was recovering from some sort of mental trauma and needed to be handled with kid gloves.

And she left... but before she did, she invited me down to my tavern - or, the tavern, I suppose now - to eat. She said I looked starved.

I didn't know how to process this. I still don't. I was never in charge of the fortress? But diary... I suppose that explains why sometimes dwarves wouldn't listen to my orders... why they wouldn't let the liaison talk to me... Oh god, diary - the entire fortress thinks I'm a raving lunatic! I feel so ashamed...

I eventually left my room and began wandering through the halls, quietly observing as I went.

Image Dwarves are crowding through the hallways, filling up the bedrooms with furniture, so everyone has a room of their own. It seems that we had enough furniture, but not enough of it in the rooms, so that's being taken care of. We also received more migrants sometime while I was asleep - our fortress is now a village, sitting at 67 dwarves.
Image Image Jimdorf and Saoirse found caverns deep below while I lay in my room. They closed them back off after installing windows, but there is a sort of dwarven loveliness to them... like an underground forest, the towercaps and bloodthorns rise to the ceilings, spreading their caps and branches between the hard stone pillars. Some of the walls sparkle with galena ore - a combination of raw silver and lead. It feels somber... sad... but still very beautiful, in a dwarven sort of way.

Image One of the intakes for the magma moat has a magma crab trapped in it. He could escape by going down the stairs with the magma, but it doesn't seem he wants to. I won't lie: I've considered making friends with him, but after remembering how they attacked the caravans, I think it might be wiser if I kept my distance.

Image The dwarves are sparring in the little room I dug out next to the trade depot. As I passed, they thanked me for choosing such a fine position "to better defend the trade depot", and said they hoped I got better soon. I hadn't intended to defend the caravan at all... but it seems things worked out for the best in the end.

Finally, I joined Saoirse in the tavern and had some stew. They aren't cooking beer pudding anymore, diary, and everyone seems happier about that... and the stew isn't half bad, though I feel there's a little too much melted goat cheese in it. I do so miss my animal crackers and grape juice, but I suppose stew is more "dwarfy".

I cried again, diary. Saoirse gave me a hug when she saw me come in, and it made me cry - I don't even know why. I broke down and wept. Everyone was staring at me - gods, I felt so embarrassed. ...Diary, what is happening to me? Why am I changing so? I feel as though I'd fallen into a deep, dark chasm, and everyone around me is pulling me back out, one meter at a time - but into a different world than the one I fell from.

I feel broken... but... I think I'm healing, in my own way.

12th of Obsidian, Year 101 Image I've been keeping occupied, helping with a lot of mining projects. Instead of giving orders, I've been asking what I need to do to help. Saoirse gave me easier jobs at first, but now I'm mining with the rest of them. One of our most recent projects was to dig out a vein of galena ore, which they brought up to our forges to forge silver warhammers. I never did like the thought of war, but perhaps it's a necessity. I'm not as certain as I was before that goblins would be friendly just because we had a water slide. After all... if I can't change dwarves, how could I change goblins?

Image Another project we worked on recently was to carve out new bedrooms for migrants, so we'd have enough. They'll be somewhat deeper in the fortress, and somewhat smaller, but they should be good enough to do the job.

Image Finally... I've gotten the assistance of the other miners in making my own little secret project. I proposed it to Saoirse, and she said she'd be quite happy to assist. Jimdorf said he would too. I don't think I hate him quite as much as I did before, though he is still quite rude and coarse at times. He keeps calling me a goat, diary. I don't even know why, or even whether it's an insult or a compliment. He seems to have an unhealthy obsession with them.

As to the forest... It's burned all the way to the horizon. The wildlife has fled, but Saoirse assures me they'll come back, and the forest will be stronger than before. Mr. Princess agreed with her, adding that clearing the forest was the best way to raise some fresh wood. I'm not sure whether I like wood anymore or not, Diary. I suppose I have mixed feelings... I could swing one way or the other.

Bob Fett said he would paint a small picture for me in my diary - something to give me some closure on what has happened: Image (A stork sits perched atop the charred branches of a dead tree in the wastes below the volcano, looking at what used to be his home. Although everything he knows has changed, his life will go on... It's a lot like me.)

30th of Obsidian, Year 101
It's the last day of the year, Diary. I think I shall make this my very last entry. Perhaps I will find a new diary, or perhaps I won't... but I feel the need to close this chapter of my life.

Image The only major event we had was our weaver going berserk... he just snapped suddenly, and I'm not even sure why, diary. Image Image Image The weaver, Endok Hallsteel, managed to cause a lot of injuries to the people down near the forges (particularly a farmer, Udib Daggerflash (who could've used a dagger)) before our military arrived to take him down. I regrettably didn't get to see who dealt the final blow.
And finally, diary... I've almost finished my secret project. Image It's a tomb for the founders of the fortress - a walkway of stone suspended over a flowing river of magma, lined with beautiful obsidian and quartzite statues. At the end, each fortress founder has his or her own coffin, with Saoirse in the center. Jimdorf clapped me on the back when it was finished and told me I was "a true dwarf now". I've changed, Diary... for better or for worse. I don't think the old Talvienne is coming back, and I'm not even sure I would want him to.

It seems that someone else is going to be taking charge soon, and I'd like to see them when they arrive, so I believe I will leave off here.

Farewell, diary. I shall not forget you.
~~ Talvienne Dishmabemal

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Some images of the fortress via Armok Vision: Image Image
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Dorf professions:
Saoirse: Miner
Jimdorf Dorfson III: Legendary Miner
Talvienne: Miner
Princess Pantsless: Legendary Woodworker
Bob Fett: Legendary Engraver
Squirrel: Metalsmith
Fawkes: Farmer
Guldan: Brewer
Goatdorf Squelchbum: Planter
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

The birdsong is lovely today.
But Toraag, you ask, there isn't any! Image That's the point.

I've been looking for this place for months. Well, not this place specifically, but a place like this one. You know what I'm talking about. Tall volcano fit to burst, a river to carry the charred corpses of my enemies, loads of metals and gems to make my lair beautiful. And, just a few weeks ago, this place lights itself on fire. Like a smoky beacon.
I arrived only a few hours ago. Unfortunately, it would seem that someone already got to this place. There's a nice little town of seventy dwarves burrowed into the mountain. Image That's fine by me. I'm not that big on doing the digging myself.
Apparently, they've been here for two years--to the day. Their overseer just resigned. What luck! They tell me he's down in the mountain somewhere with a pick. Calls himself Talvienne. Sounds kinda elven. Weird. I have him to thank for the lava moat that burned down the forest. Image I liked him for a moment, until they told me it was supposed to be a waterslide.
A waterslide.
No wonder he resigned.

The residents invited me on a tour. The dining room is filled with pictures of elves and humans beating each other up. There's not much else there, except for a few portraits of the expedition leader, Saoirse. Bob Fett (the artist) tells me the commissioner had a crush on her or something.
The bedrooms, on the other hand, are innumerable, tiny, and identical. Their walls are bare, their beds are of the appropriate character-building hardness, and the floors are rough. Image The last place the tour visited was the mines. It just so happened that Talvienne was on duty at this time. His face was deeply creased, and his eyes were those of a broken man, but with a hardness the likes of which I've never seen. Something happened to this dwarf. Image He looked into my eyes, as if he was trying to read my soul. Then he grunted and hefted his pick.
I don't know what to make of it, but my guide seems to think that I'm to be the new overseer. Ordinarily, I'd be ecstatic, but after seeing what it did to Talvienne...

I've been walking for days. I need to rest for a day before I can really make a judgement on this place.

Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

First of Granite, 102

I wandered through the wilderness for ages now,
searching for some place to stay at least for a while.

A few days ago i spotted smoke rising from a mountain, maybe someone lives there.

i arrived at the mountain.
Lava and charred trees everywhere.
And a bunch of dwarves milling around the area as if lava flowing all over the ground was a normal thing!
All but one at least.
A ... girl.. i guess... just stood outside, staring at the lava and burned trees with teary eyes, mumbling something about a "waterslide".

Oh well, at least they are sentients to keep me company.

I go inside and spot the local tavern.
I walk in, sit down, try to get something to drink.
A few precious minutes,
which were filled with civilisation and actual people to be around,
later a girl walks into the tavern and spots me and freezes at the sight of my stunning, hardened by the time in the wilderness, physique.
Or at least i thought so.

she sprints over to me, grabs me at the shoulder, yells "PUDDING" and drags me off through the hallways.
a few turns and hard corners to my head later we arrive at an office labeled "Mayor", im confused.
she drags me into the office, shoves me into the seat, throws me a fancy jacket with a nice pin on it.
she winked to me, whispered "pudding" and walked out of the office.

seconds later people came storming into the office telling me that they cant put stuff properly away because they lost their child or how their sheep was stung by a bee.
meanwhile puddinggirl sneaks in again, puts an obsidian statue, which is smeared in some undefinable mass, on the desk, winks at me again and walks out.

well, it seems like im the new mayor now.
im also confused.

my first decision as mayor was to initiate building of an aqueduct to the nearby aquifier, because everyone i've seen yet was covered in various degrees of dirt.
i've immediately set out to built a probing shaft.

10th of Granite
The first caravan of the year has arrived, an Elven one.
They didnt appear to eager to begin with, but they unloaded their wares nevertheless.
I didnt pay too much attention to them, expecting the Broker to handle the elves.

21th of Granite
On a walk i stumbled into our trade depot, expecting the elves to be long gone.
But the ones that werent hanging out in the Tavern, idling, rushed up to me and asked me when someone comes to start trading with them!
I tell them that someone will shortly arrive and hurry off to search for the broker.
I find him lurking in some corner in the common hall, i yell at him to get over to the elves, forbid him to do anything else but tending to them.
The other dwarves around him glare at him, he looks appropriately stunned and i regard my immediate job with him to be done and go my way.

25th of Granite
I take a look at the trade depot again to check on the broker doing his job.
He doesnt.
He stands there, watching the elves loading up their goods.
I ask him if he got any trading done.
He starts rambling about having to finish his drink and getting a nap before dealing with the elves.
The only thing keeping me from throwing him into the lava is pudding girl dragging me away around hard corners to place me at a desk with some liquor already standing there.
I have no idea how she arranged that, or how she knew that she had to arrange it, but im grateful.

16th of slate
Migrants Arrive
Lor Taloshdodok, bowyer
Momuz Zafalnish, armorer
ilral Zasticatten, craftsdwarf
morul thidasdoren, clothier
kib nishudar, woodcrafter
domas momuzasmel, papermaker
kadol rutodlolor, farmer
as Ilulled, butcher
kadol eribstettad, potash maker
ilral litastokil, soap maker
bim Onshenlikot, peasant
ubbul Ittascilob, peasant
shorast vabokam, peasant
domas tumamdastot, surgeon

4th of Felsite
some smith with some unpronounceable name "sqrrl" or something along those lines seems to have aquired the sanity his name suggests.
The other dwarves claim that he has been posessed and claimed a magma forge!
He runs through the fortress and collects silver ore and leather to hide it in holes he hacked into the ground next to "his" forge.
rambling about the winter and that he has to store nuts for then.
pudding girl that the condition is temporary and if it cant run its course the dwarf would get even more mad.
so it seems that we let him continue for now.

8th of Felsite
The Primary structures of the new water supply system are mostly done, main cistern and channels to the well are dug and cleared from debris.
one of the things that are missing missing is the actual shaft downwards from the well to the supply channel.
So i oder the dwarves to dig downwards from the well location.
they refuse to do it.
one of them goes there, digs two meters down and complains that he wouldnt get out again if he dug that hole.
He goes to get a drink and never comes back to the dig location.
So i order them to build stairs upwards from the bottom level to dig out the shaft and then to destroy the stairs afterwards.
the stairwell (hah! geddit? stair-well? :D) is soon done digging and i think the project will be done soon.
i was wrong.
the smartest of the troupe decided it would be best to destroy one of the stairs in the middle of the well, which he promptly does.

now theres a couple of floating stairs in the well shaft, great.

i had to order to dig a helper tunnel to get the channeling for the well done
the floating stairs were promptly removed and the shaft was to be closed off again.
the dwarf closing it off had a very smart day
Lolor "Wheeledstoke" Kolgusgash, Mason managed to trap himself inside the wall to be closed. Image i had him cut out of the wall and the wall closed off from the correct side this time.
Lolor didnt even look ashamed when we got him out of there, he just asked for a beer and went off to the tavern.

11th of Felsite
"squirrel" seems to be done with collecting "nuts" for the winter and has now begun hammering away on his forge, im worried what might come out of that.

18th of Felsite
"Squirrel" walked into my office today and showed me what his madness resulted in. Image Image Those leggins were quite stunning, i ordered them to be properly stowed away in a safe location.

First of Hematite
digging works on the aquifier were progressing, to find a good spot for the main channel to be dug to it.
i ordered them specifically to be careful not to dig into damp rock
it seems they only heard "dig into damp rock" Image luckily the J turn stairs before the actual tunnel to the aquifier kept the water form flooding the main stairway and down into the caverns.
an airlock system for the next channel is planned.

13th of Hematite
A human caravan arrived.
This time the broker went straight to deal with them and offered them our goods.
they just said "Nah, we're not here for your stuff, just to sleep and drink a bit".
Despite the best efforts of the broker, they refused to trade with us.
A few days later they departed again.

26th of Hematite
migrants arrived Image 18th of malachite
Well, now i know for sure that Waterslide girl actually is female.
'Talvienne' Dishmabemal, Miner has given birth to a girl, Bomrek Zonethab Image Image Pudding girl came to me with both of them to show me the child.
i have no idea why she did that, they seem to be friends, so i guess she wanted me to be part of their little group?

27th of Galena
The main channel to the aquifier is now done, floodgates have been installed and cut points have been designated, we are ready to open up the water flow.

First of Limestone
a great day has come for the fortress!
the cut into the aquifier has been made and water is flowing through the channel! Image of course it cant just go as planned a moron got himself trapped in the flow. Image he seemed to be okay and slowly making progress towards the outside.
so i left him to himself and a while later he ended up in the tavern with a beer.

during the festivities for the new water supply system some goblin thieves sneaked into the fortress and stole... wooden floor panelling.
i didnt further bother with them.

5th of Limestone
Today i noticed that we didnt have any proper burial sites, so i ordered some to be built.
nothing special, small alcoves of smoothed stone with one coffin each. Image 8th of Limestone
The first water from the aquifier has reached the cistern.
The new waterfall is beautiful.
Sad that it wont last that long. Image 18th of Limestone
A dwarven caravan arrived and started unloading their stuff then the outpost liaision Mörul Abanzedot yelled at them for unloading their wares.
The workdwarves grumbled and loaded their goods again.
The outpost liaison offered our fortress to become a barony!
He also asked for a recommendation for who should hold the post of baron of hawkspears, and i thought the mayor of the settlement would be the best choice.
that i am this mayor is of course purely coincidental.

25th of Limestone
migrants arrived Image 6th of Sandstone
a performance troupe arrived

17th of Sandstone
A letter has arrived.
Hawkspears and the surrounding lands have been made a barony of the dwarven dominium
that makes me baron of hawkspears!
A big step for our community!

10th of Timber
Caslu Anataram, lord consort is visiting, he didnt have anything of note to say beyond his congratulations for being declared a barony.

27th of Timber
i decided to dig a channel between the two halves of the aquifier, to increase the amount of water coming into the cistern
i hear the rumbling of dwarvish mining and the rushing of water as they break through the walls.
seconds later Talvienne ran into my office screaming something about her child.
after a few minutes of calming and explaining i found out that she took her child with her down to the wallbreaking.
and she lost it when the water rushed over them. Image i immediately ordered a rescure operation to start digging in from above to fish the baby out of the channel.

First of Moonstone
winter has come.
after saoirse's and talviennes alternating "I CANT REACH THE INFANT"
i thought i'd go into the dining hall for once.
and get swarmed by hordes of dogs!
i have no idea who is responsible for that. Image well, they are a source of emergency meat supplies for the fortress.

27th of Moonstone
after digging channels from the floor above the water channel in attempt to rescue the talvibaby she got swept past the floodgates of the channel, which were promptly closed
allowing the channel to drain and talvienne to finally retrieve her baby.
finally. Image First of Obsidian
i just took a look through the construction records of the well system and found that those morons never actually finished clearing out the well shaft!
and they also removed a couple of the helper stairs in it! argh!
im now drawing some plans for tunnels to get to the stairs that are still there!

Second of Obsidian
Ral Berartob, mason has been posessed and claimed a mason's workshop, mumbling something about water and control

8th of Obsidian
ral berartob has begun a mysterious construction!

13th of Obsidian
Ral Berartob, Mason has created Omersanreb, a galena... floodgate..
great gob Ral, great job Image 30th of Obsidian
on the last day of my term, they finally managed to remove all the stairs in the well... phew... i can leave it to the next person in peace then.

Plans for the final water system. Image Image Image and the well at the back of the dining hall Image Image left lever for the floodgate from the reservoir to the well
right lever for the floodgate between aquifier and the reservoir


Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

1st of Granite, 103
Well, couldn't evade it this year, they put me back in charge of Hawkspears. You'd say finding this place originally was leadership enough, no? I was kinda done with the whole leading thing after they refused to let me call the fort Puddingspoons, insisting on calling it Hawkspears instead. Despite the fact that we've got neither hawks nor spears.
Anyway, the past years I managed to pin it on random passerby's, but now Corndorf insists that now she's a baroness she cannot possibly be expected to lead the fort on top of her bookkeeper and mayor and baronessly duties. I thought leading was the only thing nobles were for in the first place, but who am I to argue.

Then again, maybe it's best I am in charge for a while again. Clearly the past leaders did not attach sufficient importance to our pudding production! So, I leave my work in the mines, and head up to the fort.

My underground search for puddingstone has left me somewhat estranged with the fortress's layout, so I get lost in the many new corridors and floors for a while. I start yelling 'PUDDING' at people until they get the hint and direct me to the farms that are on the top of the fort.

When I get there, it's immediately clear why the pudding is so lacking: Image We're only farming on less than half of our plots!
On top of that, whoever set this up is really fond of plump helmets. Everything is plump helmets.
It's not like we don't have anything else, right? Let's check the seeds. Image We have plenty of seeds of different species! Stored on the floor. The slightly damp, soil floor.
I'm no farmer, but that seems like a bad idea, so I sent for Corndorf to make an order for 50 pots and hope someone gets the idea to put the seed in pots instead.

After that, I spent a while designing a planting calendar that has all our fields occupied all-round with as many different plants as possible, for the most varied of puddings!
Satisfied, I let our planters go to work.

3rd of Granite
A random diplomat I knew not the existence of came running up to me, shouted something about our abuse of trees and ran off. I have no idea what he's talking about, our trees look perfectly normal: on fire and half covered in magma. Image 5th of Granite
I go check on the progress of the new planting plan, and am dissatisfied with the speed it's progressing at. I wonder where Fawkes is hanging out, he can surely plant faster than this! It was nothing like him to let the place get like this either...

6th of Granite
After poking random people and shouting "FAWKES" for a while I found out that Fawkes is dead! Image My friend died and they buried him and nobody told me!
I go to my room to be alone with my grief for a while.

7th of Granite
To fill the void Fawkes left behind, I appoint about 6 more farmers to fill our fields.
I also officially rename our best planter to Fawkes II. My therapist Urist McFreud assures me this is perfectly healthy behaviour.

8th of Granite
For my Improve Our Pudding Plan, aka IOPP, I visit the next step in the pudding production: the kitchen. To check if they're doing everything right.
On my way to the kitchen, I manage to get lost. Again. First I nearly fall to my death - apparently someone found it a good idea to make an empty room with a giant hole in the floor, with no balustrade around it, right above our dining room. Not sure why, but it's pretty dangerous.
After taking another wrong turn, I find myself in a room filled with people drinking, socialising and generally doing nothing useful. I am told this is our tavern. So apparently we have a tavern. Okay. Image After passing a few people eating raw plump helmets, and wiping away a bunch of cobwebs, I finally find the kitchen. Nobody's there. 'Maybe they're out for lunch' I think, until I see the official todolist.
After panicking and running around the fort shouting 'PUDDING' for a while, I grab one of our cooks, push him into the kitchen and shout 'PUDDING', pointing at the kitchen. He guiltily starts cooking. Finally.
While I'm there, I review, and change, the cooking rules. Whoever set this up really didn't like cooked eggs and brewed pigtail beer. Despite that you cannot brew eggs or cook pigtails.

9th of Granite
The elven caravan arrives again. Maybe they brought elven pudding! After wandering around for a few hours shouting 'PUDDING', I manage to find which floor our entrance is on, and review our list of stuff we could trade.
Only to find literally everything is stocked in wooden bins.
Well. Great.

10th of Granite
Someone comes to show me the mastercrafted rock pot they made. What is this, kindergarten?
I also appoint more cooks, for MORE PUDDING!

13th of Granite
I decide to be sneaky and have my people move our bins of trade goods to the trade depot - but covered with tarpaulins. With some luck I'll be able to make trades without them spotting that they're made of wood.
I then grab our trader Devilos and go talk to the pointy-ears.
The elves try to sell me a caged worm. I get excited for a while thinking they mean a wyrm, but no, they're really talking about an earthworm in a cage.
Elves are weird.

I trade a couple of baskets of fruits and nuts for 3 rock mugs I manage to smuggle from under the tarpaulins while Devilos chats to them about the weather. They seem really happy with these mugs. Damn tourists.

16th of Granite
I head up to the top of our mountain to check if there's any fruit growing there. There is, so I order it picked as flavouring for our pudding.
While there, I notice a ghostly merchant standing in the field. I yell at him if he sells any pudding from the netherworld, but he only has ectoplasm. Too bad. Image 17th of Granite
Jimdorf comes at me to yell his nanny goat has been stung by a honey bee. I agree with him this is a very sad thing. But maybe he shouldn't have pastured them right next to the beehives.

23rd of Granite
To improve the efficiency of our kitchens, for IOPP, I lead my miners in digging out two food stockpiles near the kitchen and dining room, for prepared food and ingredients.

While we're doing this, Bob Fett comes tell us we had 'a happy little accident' and defaced one of his carvings by making an opening in the dining room wall. I explain to him that the person to blame there is whoever let all the walls of our fairly small dining room be carved without any place for expansion. I also tell him I'll have work for him soon, which seems to satisfy him.

5th of Slate
It seems we've run out of rock to make pots, so I go to the cellar and order some random tunnels be dug for rock.
While there, I also find a dwarf sitting near the stairs, patiently waiting. When I ask him what he's doing there, and he explains he's been ordered to dig stairs between 20 and 40 levels below the lowest level in our fort. He's just waiting until the stairs to there have been made.
After staring at him for a while, I tell him to go do something useful instead.
Back above, I order rock crafts be made for trading.

10th of Slate
I start a new digging for IOPP. Our pudding will be glorious. GLORIOUS!

15th of Slate
Corndorf has been bugging me for 2 months now about her really needing a tomb to be able to be a real baroness. I tried to argue that she doesn't need it while she's alive and when she's dead she can't baroness anymore anyway, but it didn't help. Since she's also our mayor and bookkeeper, I finally give in and order a tomb be dug opposite of our graveyard.

19th of Slate
I am told we got 18 new migrants. I can't seem to spot them in the distance (the smoke of burning trees is exceptionally thick today), but apparently there's a legendary farmer among them. Excellent.
I just hope they find the entrance. It's over the lava moat, next to the lava fall, fellas.

In other good news, Corndorf's tomb is done. Bob Fett did a mighty fine work again, and the walls menace with happy little trees. Image 25th of Slate
IOPP progresses nicely. The second kitchen and enlarged food stockpiles are finished, so we can now produce pudding at twice the speed!
I noticed some people were putting seeds in our food stockpiles, so I shouted 'PUDDING' at them until they got the idea.
I also removed the food stockpile 4 floors away.
Inspecting the kitchens, I notice our farming has paid off and we now have at least three times as many ingredients as we had 3 months ago. I taste the new pudding; it is tasty.
YAY PUDDING! Image Because everyone needs to be able to eat pudding, I let the empty half of the dining room also be stocked with tables and chairs. Princess Pantsless does make might fine tables for not wearing any pants. Image 2nd of Felsite
I get invited to the monthly efficiency meeting of the farmer's department. Apparently we've run out of seeds for field 5 and they want my input on what to plant instead.
After some discussion we agree to put asparagus on it. I like asparagus.

6th of Felsite
One of the new migrants comes complaining about sleeping on the floor, so I start making more bedrooms. Luckily we seem to have a lot of beds stocked.
How many bedrooms do we have anyway? We have lots, but we also have 118 dwarves... Maybe I should better do a count of that.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

25th of Felsite
After spending a few weeks counting rooms, I notice we have 100 rooms for 118 dwarves. To be sure I make plans for more bedrooms.

1st of Hematite
I set the plans for my true magnum opus in work. This shall be what my people remember me for! That, and my great pudding. Obviously.

After that I go round and assign unmarked bedrooms as actual bedrooms so people can sleep.
In one of those rooms, I come across Urist McFreud, passed out on the bedside table. With him in the room are 17 wooden buckets.
I decide it's better not to ask questions. Image 2nd of Hematite
Guldan comes up running to me, panting, panicking. When he reaches me, he manages to utter 'Goblins... in the mountains... thought you ought to know.' and collapses from exhaustion.
OH CRAAAAP Image Quickly I run to the entrance and give the order for everyone to get the hell inside.
While our plant gatherers and people taking a stroll dash to the entrance (much too slow for my liking) I quickly review our defences while a hundred dwarves yell in my ear about not being able to do whatever it was they were doing..
Drawbridge? Do we have one? Gazing in the distance I look at our obsidian bridge, but it looks very solid and not-movy, and I cannot find a lever marked 'Pull to raise drawbridge' either.
Luckily, we do have front doors we can lock, and a squad of militia that happens to be even training next to the entrance. We should be able to hold out, I conclude, as the last of dwarves gets inside.
But then...
Beardy shouts 'Goatdorf!' and points, as a goblin crossbow bolts clatter against the mountain side.
On the wrong side of the lava moat, Goatdorf runs for his life, his bum squelching with every hurried step, while the goblin invaders chase him, bolts whirring through the air around him.
He has no chance of making it inside.

I do the only thing I can do - I send out our militia to intercept them and save Goatdorf! Corndorf herself leads the squad, mace being held high as they charge out, over the bridge, to the goblins.
They valiantly fight an epic battle right next to the lava moat, axes and maces clanging on primitive goblin armour. In the middle of the battle, a sudden cloud of smoke takes away our view of the battle.
When it evaporates, the goblins are no more - but 3 of our militia are gone, Corndorf included.
Goatdorf lies a few metres further, shot by a stray bolt.

Suddenly a goblin appears right on our doorstep - no doubt one who got lost. Happens to me all the time. I valiantly run away shouting 'NO NOT MY PUDDING', but our militia, returning triumphantly, beats him to the ground before he can move two steps.

And then, in true drarven fashion, they go get a drink, ignoring me pointing out there's still two goblins sitting in a tree on the side of the mountain.

People immediately decide Corndorf died, and apparently have an election on the spot, choosing Yorfan Longbraid IV as our new mayor. I find this a bit unrespectful, but say nothing.
Image Image 7th of Hematite
The last of the goblins seem to have fled, no doubt out of fear for our military might.
I allow people out again, so we can go and fetch our dead, and the pudding of our enemies.
We find Goatdorf's body on the side of the magma moat. His pockets were stuffed with food. He died as he lived. Image 8th of Hematite
A baby is born! Despite our hardships, life goes on.

11th of Hematite
As the three members of our militia have been missing for a week now, they are declared dead. People think they fell in the lava moat during the battle, but am I certain the pudding gods took them straight to the pudding realm as reward for their ultimate bravery.

Speaking of pudding, we have another farming meeting to determine the summer plantings.

14th of Hematite
A huge human caravan arrives, their line of wagons stretching back to the horizon. I hope they brought some nice stuff.

18th of Hematite
The humans have finally finishes unloading their goods, so I grab Devilos and go chat with them.
They start by chatting for ages about people and places I never heard of. I barely manage not to fall asleep. Image
However, turns out they brought a ton of seeds and food! Apparently Corndorf did care about our pudding after all when making the trade agreements last year! Suddenly I feel guilty of thinking badly of her.
I trade several of our crafts for a large amount of food and seeds. Well, everything they have, really.

Still feeling guilty, I start the construction of a memorial for our fallen war heroes.

I also open my secret plan to the public:
a temple for the pudding gods! Image It's still rough, but people have been unhappy about not being able to pray for a while now. We'll make it prettier, a glorious tribute for the gods of pudding (and whichever god happens to pass by and feels like a visit, we're not picky)

3th of Malachite
Endok Onularan, our glassmaker (despite that we don't make any glass) is taken by a fey mood, dumps the rock he was taking away from the pudding temple and goes be fey in the dining room instead.
More like lazy mood, I say.
Still, just to be sure, I go trade the humans 3 mugs for several pieces of quality glass.

5th of Malachite
It occurs to me Endok might be lazy because we don't actually have a glass furnace for him to do glass stuff. So I order one of our magma forges broken down (why do we need 3 anyway?) and plan a magma glass furnace instead.
In other news, mayor Longbraid mandates the making of two low boots. I tell him to stop making his garderobe wishes law and ignore him.
I do however, agree for him to take over Corndorf's office and quarters so he can do his 'job'.
Not that he does anything. At least Corndorf also kept the books.
Which reminds me, we need a new bookkeeper. I appoint Devilos - he's good with numbers and doesn't do much most of the year anyway.

7th of Malachite
My good friend Talvienne has her second child today! We hold a great party with drinks and puddings.

9th of Malachite
Still slightly tipsy from the baby party, I finish the glass furnace, only to have it promptly claimed by Endok. Guess that was what he wanted after all.

11th of Malachite
We finish the war memorial - I dug most of it myself. In it are three slabs commemorating our heroes, and a carving saying 'THEY DIED FOR OUR PUDDING'. People assure me it's very tasteful.
Later we will add more statues and engravings, but for now, their spirits can rest in the heavenly pudding realm. Image 12th of Malachite
Ten new migrants arrive, bringing our population to 133. One of them is a legendary lye maker. Yay, I guess? Why are there never any legendary pudding makers?

14th of Malachite
After a month, the human merchants leave with their train of wagons. See you next year, bring pudding!

15th of Malachite
Someone comes yell at me we lost four different masterworks. Don't ask me, I didn't take them...

16th of Malachite
After eleven days of hauling stuff to the furnace, Endok finally actually starts building something. As long as that means he'll start doing something useful again soon, I'm all for it.

I also order some nice statues be put in the pudding temple. Only for someone to come and tell me it cannot be done because someone is meditating where the statue should be. I suggest asking said dwarf to move a metre, but no, that's not possible apparently.
The temple is starting to look good though. All the rubble cleared, a few statues, and walls and floor are starting getting smoothened. Image Back upstairs, I draft some new people in the militia, and appoint Torund the axedwarf, one of our best veterans of the battle, as militia commander.

21st of Malachite
Endok emerges from the glass furnace holding Limoltud Ingiz Kasith, a legendary... green glass window.
Now, I'm not fond of windows at the best of times, but here he claims the window must be legendary because it has a picture of a legendary window on it: on it is a picture of Limoltud Ingiz Kasith.
Endok fails to see the flaw in this logic.
I tell him to get back to hauling pudding. Image
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

3rd of Galena
Our series of new bedrooms is now usable. Less people have to sleep on the floor! Image 6th of Galena
It has been brought to my attention that a proper Pudding temple, as well as our tavern, ought to have at least 5 instruments stocked, for pleasing the pudding gods and entertaining our dwarves.
I therefore call a meeting of all our artisans and craftsdwarves and let them tell me which instruments we know how to build. Apparently a couple of wind instruments and string instruments, but my attention is immediately drawn to the rerith. For those who don't know, the rerith is our traditional bagpipe - but unlike most dwarven bagpipes, the rerith is inflated using bellows under the right arm. I remember well when my grandfather played them for me...
So, I order the parts for 5 reriths be made and the bagpipes assembled afterwards. I look forward to hearing them.

9th of Galena
A human crossbowwoman named Boki Strokecarnage petitions to stay here in Hawkspears for the purpose of soldiering. Someone with the name 'Strokecarage' can only be a good soldier. I approve the petition. Image 28th of Galena
I notice nobody is making the bags for our reriths. Maybe we need more leatherworkers? Just in case, I appoint a couple of peasants as brand new leatherworkers. Congrats on the promotion, guys, I'm sure you'll figure it out quickly.

1st of Limestone
Tired of Longbraid nagging me about his mandate, I order the production of two low copper boots. I secretly hope the metal chafes his feet.
Aside from that, I notice that a lot of people have taken to leaving their stuff all over their bedroom floors, so I ask for a bunch of cabinets so we can put them in the bedrooms. That way, people no longer need to leave their, say, buckets all over the floor. Yes, I'm looking at you, Urist McFreud. Image 2nd of Limestone
A sneaky kobold thief enters our fortress and steal our precious... something!
I actually have no idea what he took. Seems to be no pudding, so I don't really care. Maybe we should put some cage traps in the entrance at some point, though. Image 5th of Limestone
The mayor's boots are done. He puts them on, happy, so I guess I'm rid of that.

8th of Limestone
Longbraid decrees he needs 3 more low boots. Does he have 5 feet?
I decide not to break my head about it and just order them made.
Further, I notice the reason nobody is making rerith bags is that we don't actually have a leather workshop! Oops.
I quickly dig and build one myself, so our leatherworkers can get to work.

9th of Limestone
The caravan of our mountainhome arrives! They seem pleased with our progress. Image After Yorfan blathering to them for a while about Pudding knows what, they start unloading their goods.

13th of Limestone
The caravan has finally finished unloading, so Devilos and I start trading.
We have a large supply of well crafted rock rubbish trinkets, so I manage to get a great deal: all their seeds, a rerith bag, all their leather and glass (hard to come by here otherwise), a lot of cheese, some armour and weapons, metal, and a lot of food for our pudding stocks.
I also decide to buy some fish and lobster. I personally don't like it, but people have been complaining about the complete lack of meat or fish for a while now.
Our dwarven brethren seem ecstatic with the amount of rock mugs they get for this all. Guess the tourists visiting the mountainhome love authentic Hawkspear mugs.

19th of Limestone
To further please the pudding gods, I decide that it's time to engrave the walls of the temple.
On a whim, I follow Bob Fett around as he engraves and carves, his hands moving so fast they're a blur.
He engraves the founding of Hawkspears Image The instating of officials Image Image Image People doing things Image Image Image Including an engraving by Bob, of Bob engraving something. To be fair, if not him, who engraves the engraver? Image Some happy little... potato plants? Well, okay I guess Image Three flies? Whut. Image Aw, even my being chosen as expedition leader! How nice! Image And... Image Wait.
Image Image Errrr
Image Image What exactly are you trying to say here, Bob?
6th of Sandstone
We now have a lot of cabinets, so I start operation 'give people a cabinet to put their clothes in'.

9th of Sandstone
In preparation of our finished reriths, I decide our tavern needs a permanent bard. Since we have no bards, I pick a random peasant and tell him to start practicing instruments quickly. There's plenty of bards visiting all the time, so that shouldn't be too hard.

12th of Sandstone
Given our rising number of dwarves, I finish a new still, thus doubling our brewing capacity. I order it to start brewing fruity alcoholic beverages, which is greatly cheered on by, well, everybody. Yummy strawberry wine! Image 14th of Sandstone
Another migrant wave, 8 new people. And I'd just finished making bedrooms. Great. More bedrooms! Image 15th of Sandstone
Apparently there were new elections today, and Longbraid's dictatorial shoe policies have come to an end at last. In his stead, Devilos is now mayor of Hawkspears!
I hope this won't interfere with his brokering and bookkeeping.
So, I boot Yorfan out of his office and chambers, throw his 5 copper shoes after him, and assign the rooms to Devilos.

17th of Sandstone
Still weary after the last siege, I decide our defenses need to improve. For that purpose, I start a new squad of 10 ranged military folks - marksdwarves, bowdwarves and one or two human archers. I also start making an archery range near the entrance so they can practice.

22th of Sandstone
Morul Thidasdoren stops making shirts because he's suddenly in a secretive mood! And promptly claims the clothing workshop. You know, the one he was working in in the first place. Oh well, I hope he makes something better than a window with a picture of that window. Image 25th of Sandstone
Devilos' first act of mayority is banning the export of shields. Given our lack of metals that aren't silver and military strength, I agree we best keep all our shields for ourselves. If we have any. Do we?
In other news, a guy comes up to me complaining he's the captain of the guard and doesn't have the offices he needs. I start telling him to pull the other one, but apparently he's telling the truth, so I make a note to give him what he needs to do whatever it is he does.

1st of Timber
Morul has finally begun making whatever he's planning. Great!

4th of Timber
I have been informed that the reriths I ordered are finally finished, after several months of delays because the builders couldn't find parts I was very certain we had because they were made less then a week before.
I head to the tavern to hear a performance on them, and they sound great!
Brings back many happy memories... so I spend the rest of the day listening, sipping some strawberry wine and eating some pudding. Ahh, bliss...

6th of Timber
Morul finished his creation! A pig tail robe adorned with gems and rocks.
on it an image, of said pigtail robe.
Again? Why Morul? YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE Image 10th of Timber
I finish filling the rooms of guard captain guy with the stuff he needs, so he can now captain the guard. Whatever that means.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Main)

21st of Timber or something
We are visited by a group of bards! Apparently Hawkspears is now on the touring track for musicians. Must be all our famed bagpipe music! Image 1st of Moonstone
Winter arrives in our lands, though it doesn't seem to change much about the weather. Now it's chilly and rains, instead of being warmer and raining.
Wary after the Great Goblin Siege, I decide to start building something that will allow for much better protection should another siege arrive.
Later that day, another kobold thief steals a thing. I think. I decide to give the traps priority.

2nd of Moonstone
I order some cage traps placed in our entrance to keep away more intruders.

6th of Moonstone
I order to add some fortifications to my new buildings. We shall be safer than ever! No one shall steal our pudding anymore!

8th of Moonstone
Someone tells me something collapsed on the surface. Only to point me at a point where nothing collapsed that is not on the surface.
I have no idea what they're talking about.

14th of Moonstone
After searching I notice the endless collapsing of things on the surface is in fact because our lava overflow channel has set the forest on fire again and the burning trees are falling down.
Nothing unusual, in other words. Image 19th of Moonstone
I decided to do some valuables digging in the tunnels deep below Hawkspears, but there we run into a giant olm! We valiantly poke at its slimy pink skin and then valiantly evade it as it tries to attack us.

20th of Moonstone
I order our military to take care of the giant olm. As soon as one of them arrives, him and us miners gang up on the vile creature. Even I valiantly strike at the beast! And valiantly panic when it attacks me.
Eventually one of our miners chops off his head with his pickaxe, and the mining can continue in peace.

In the meantime, rain has stopped the burning of the forest before the fire reached us. Image 22th of Moonstone
Urist McFreud is haunted by a ghost while doing his job. He seems to be fairly unfazed by this, guess that comes with being a therapist. Image Image 23th of Moonstone
My military project is done! We now have a wall along our side of the lava moat. The wall has arrow slits so our new archer squad can protect us from goblins while staying relatively safe themselves.
Also, right outside the archery range is a corridor with fortifications to shoot through at goblins.
Let them come!
(Preferably not though.) Image 26th of Moonstone
It seems we're running out of wood - all the practice bolts for our archers seem to go through it at quite a rate.

5th of Opal
I order a larger gem storage to be dug, because our current one is full and people just leave precious stone on the floor where it falls.

7th of Opal
I make yet more bedrooms. Always more bedrooms.
To further honour the heroes of the Great Goblin Siege, I put 2 statues in our memorial hall.

12th of Opal
Our memorial hall is properly made pretty. This gives me the idea to have the rough rock floor of our tomb nicely smoothed. Image 19th of Opal
It seems nobody is cutting trees, so I order even more trees cut to make the point clear.

23rd of Opal
There still seems to be a strike of all woodcutters. They're listening to stories, praying, and generally doing anything but cutting the trees I ordered cut.
No guys, doesn't matter we can't even make beds, just laze around...

26th of Opal
After me running after the wood choppers and shouting 'WOOD' for a few days, it occurs to someone to actually go out and cut some trees. To five people at the same time. Well, better than never. Image 6th of Obsidian
Now the bed production is possible again, I go on adding bedrooms. A job that never seems to come to and end. In the end, will they remember me for my pudding or for all my beds?

13th of Obsidian
I am informed that our papermaker Ablel has been missing for a week.
Since when do we make any paper? And where did he go?
Dwarfkind might never find out. Image 14th of Obsidian
To be safe, I order a memorial slab engraved for this Ablel, so he doesn't come to haunt us. One ghost is enough.

16th of Obsidian
Tekkud Thadshem is possessed and claims a stonecrafter's workshop! And after dragging one piece of rock to it, he starts building already. I wonder what he'll make. A stone pudding statue?
A magnificent rock spoon? Image 18th of Obsidian
I notice our wood chopping dwarves are lazy again, so I order the killing of yet more trees.

21st of Obsidian
Tekkud has made a quartzite scepter! Image It's nothing special as our artefacts go, but at least the scepter doesn't have a picture of itself this time.

22nd of Obsidian
The memorial for Ablel is done. His ghost will not haunt us, and if he happens to turn up again he can always put it as a conversation piece in his living room. Image 28th of Obsidian
As second mandate, Devilos orders the construction of 2 weapon racks. His preference for our military to be stronger keeps going. I don't disagree, so order them made.
The exceptionally heavy rain today makes pretty clouds of steam above our lava moat today.
The sight inspires one of our bards to write a new hit, "Smoke on the lava, and fires in the sky". Image After finishing ordering the last batch of bedrooms, I officially sign off as overseer. I told them I would do it for a year and then they'd have to find someone else, and that year is now past.
And there's a nice pudding waiting in the dining room with my name on it...
As I enjoy my pudding and sip the sweet strawberry wine, I reminisce about the past year, and conclude I'm quite happy of what I achieved.
I've of course greatly increased our pudding and booze production capacities. Image I've also increased our defences and doubled our military power, and fought off the Great Goblin Siege of 103. Image I made a ton of bedrooms. Always more bedrooms. Image I brought our people closer to the pudding gods by building our magnificent Pudding Temple. Image Under my rule, our booze has doubled, pudding stocks have increased tenfold, and overal food supplies more than tripled. Our wealth has doubled, population rose to 155 by migration, birth and a handful of settled humans, and we are now a metropolis and not a city anymore.
before Image after Image All in all, I'm quite happy with what I achieved. Of course, an overseer's work is never done and there is plenty left to work on, but I feel I can go back to digging with the knowledge that I have left my successor a better and less hungry Hawkspears.

Saoirse, signing off.

Warning: do not ask about physics unless you really want to know about physics.
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