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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Just to update: haven't started, properly, yet.
[aside] Viewing a Phoebus file through an Ironhand lens is certainly less than intuitive at times, but mostly alright. [/aside]

Given my previously demonstrated interest in DF cartography, it should come as no surprise that I was unhappy with my sense of geographical context (all due respect to Tal's map) going in;
so I decided to undertake some Isoworld flying adventurer (peregrine falcon man) mapping of the area.
This scouting mission served to confirm the inaccuracy of my vague ideas about Hawkspears' location.
I plan to post some crudely labelled Isoworld images, hopefully today.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Having realized that my original plan involving high fidelity Isoworld images was way overkill, I've resorted instead to scribbling (not to scale) on Tal's map. :P

Some observations from my scouting mission:
  • The canopy of the Shell-Swamp is as dense as it is varied. Plenty of birch, chestnut, oak and the like in there, and less wetland than the region's name would suggest.
    Against this sprawling backdrop, Hawkspears' lava flow and fallout seems a negligible ecological hiccup.
  • The Malign Horns are a dominant mountain range on the eastern border of the Shell-Swamp, home to several volcanoes and some of the tallest peaks in the world.
    They wear a mantle of evil: wormy tendrils and staring eyeballs for days. The Vulgar Spine appears to be an orphan of the range, standing apart as a sort of lonely mountain.
  • The Kobolds (about 300 of them) in their cave against these mountains are our nearest neighbours.
  • Plenty of Forest Retreats around, in the north and in The Magical Jungle (which doesn't actually extend west of the the Horns. That area is known as The Jungle of Drenching, a fairly boring little wilderness).
    The Worshipful Mountain (elf civ) in the north have strong numbers bolstered by a scary number of big cats (lions, jaguars, and some tigers).
  • The Hillocks of our kin and the Hamlets of the humans in the Hills of Infamy region are also prosperous. Notably large horse populations in a few Hillocks sites.
  • Steppe of Constructs/Hills of Pantomiming area is mostly wilderness.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Very nice, Baile! :D I see you're really getting into the world. We almost started at a volcano in The Malign Horns, actually - but testing DWMagus's embark, I discovered we had evil clouds that would thrall dwarves. :shock: Not something I wanted to throw newbies at, to be honest. It was a bit of a horrifying prospect. DWMagus didn't like that, and along with the frustration of losing his save progress (Save frequently!!!), he decided he didn't want to DF after all. I suggested somewhere else, and Silverware moved us to our new home in the Entangled Shell-Swamp. :)
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