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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Arg! Sorry I'm taking so long. The fort's going, the writing's going, but they're going slowly. I have 'till the 21st, right? If so, there's no problem. If my turn ends tomorrow, there's no way I'll finish, and you guys should skip me.
I'm sorry I've been a drag on succession. I think this weekend will be a solid two- or three-day block of DF-time, and if my turn includes that weekend, I'm golden.

Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Ah, crap. Sorry I led you on like that. :cry: Even if the turn had extended through today like I thought, I still had several months left. I guess I just wasn't ready for a succession game; I spent a lot of time wondering what else the fort needed, without having the skill needed for stupid dwarf tricks. :monkey:
Also, how can I delete my entry post? It doesn't have the little "X" or the check box like this one does.

Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

0111narwhalz wrote:Hmm...
You know, I could just say that Toraag nope'd out. I did kinda leave a loose end there. Maybe my abortive turn could become a lore page instead.
The others surely will handle it narwhalz, no worries. ^^
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