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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Incidentally, the last bedrooms are made are on the floor I screenshotted at the end of my last update, in the bottom right. If those are claimed, you definitely need new ones.
Think we're fairly close to having enough for everyone though (well, before your migration, that is :ghost: )
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Ohhhhh boy. This could be bad. If Talvienne dies, I promise I won't hold it against you. :D Actually with this kind of forgotten beast, our best bet is marksdwarves... which I sincerely hope we have in abundance. If not, things could get... messy. It also looks like this one could fly... it has wings, anyway. If it does, it'll go right up the pipes and into the fortress if we have any open routes... Keep an eye on the wells.
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Re: Hawkspears: DF Succession Game (Discussion)

Dinosawer wrote:We have 10 marksdwarves, and they can shoot out front if the entire fortress is closed thanks to my paranoia :ghost:
It's a forgotten Beast, Dino. Not a Titan. That means that this thing is somewhere in the cavern layers. While it (potentially...) has no way into our fortress (yet), it's still a threat.

Also, due to my works on the sculpture garden our fortress is a single hole in the safety perimeter. :monkey: :ghost:
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