Gyre: Maelstrom and Toska

Not sure how I missed this, but Gyre: Maelstrom was announced as a "steampunk action RPG."

By itself, that could be described as Dom DeLuise said in History of the World Part I: "Nice... not exciting... but nice."

What makes this game worth talking about is that its character system will be powered by something called Toska, which is described as "the world's first artificial intelligence based procedural story platform." The Evodant/Toska pages are pretty skimpy on details, and their blog hasn't been updated since February of 2016, so some caution is appropriate.

But the game is nicely described in a Gamasutra article from March, 2016. It includes screenshots of the Toska-based character dialog generation system in action.

Curious to hear what others think of this.

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