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Re: Oxygen Not Included

I'm a moderator over on the Klei forums (under another name), so I have been playing ONI already and it's balls of fun. Still early in Alpha, so there's a lot of balancing yet to do, so all of your attempts at base building and sustainability always end with puke everywhere and everyone dying of oxygen starvation.

What could be more fun!

Re: Oxygen Not Included

I'm going to say that calling this game 'Don't Suffocate' is perfectly appropriate.
For all that it is held in comparison to RimWorld and (bafflingly) Terraria, the commonalities are superficial. It's soul is kith and kin to Don't Starve.
Emotionally, the experiences are almost identical: a whimsical and optimistic, nearly carefree early game that soon devolves into a tormented spiral of panicky despair, exacerbated by a taunting conviction that triumph is theoretically attainable. :sick:
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