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Re: Children of a Dead Earth

Bought. I'll have to test-drive it soon!

EDIT: I'm very impressed with this game! I've played through a few of the campaign missions and tried my hand at some instant-action sandbox missions, and I've been enjoying myself immensely. The interface can be slightly clunky and unintuitive, but for a game like this that's usually par for the course. I do love the graphics and gameplay. Seeing almost solid streams of tracer-marked railgun rounds spewing forth from a ship and literally chewing the enemy ship apart is breathtaking. I also love a bit of overkill, which many vessels in the game allow. For instance, as the final move in the asteroid defense mission, I ended up launching a 76-strong salvo of nuclear missiles, each of which could level a town. There wasn't much left of my opponent! :lol:

All in all, a very enjoyable game, with beautiful graphics, exciting combat, and a great physics model (Lagrangian points sqeeeee!) I would definitely reccommend it to anyone who likes KSP or is interested in how space combat would really look like.

Re: Children of a Dead Earth

Yes, we should do that. *BUT* we should put in a set of limitations.


No reactors on the edge of meltdown. (as per the restrictions for this challenge )

No modded materials ( to prevent us using Carbon Nanotubes, which are Literal Space Magic )

A Fleet total Tonnage of less than 200 MT
A Fleet total Cost of less than 20 GC
A Fleet total DeltaV of more than 5000ms (enough to move between planets)

Weapons that fire "ships" ( like radiation shield guns, or nuke guns ) must be limited to no more than 1/second across the total fleet. ( This is PURELY to combat Lag )

No Reactive Metals used as parts. ( No Potassium Turbopumps )

No Lithium-6 radiation shielding outside the Reactor. ( Because Lithium-6 is basically magic )

No Laser Pointers (Lasers used PURELY to set combat range excessively high, same with missile or drone launchers)
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