Mouse and Keyboard Support for Xbox

In "Things Just Got Weird" news, Microsoft's head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, told PCGamesN that mouse and keyboard support for the Xbox One is probably just "months" away.

Apparently keyboard support is already working, with the kinks still being ironed out of mouse handling.

This is part of Microsoft's "Play Anywhere" project: when you buy a game that runs on both PC (locked into MS's "Universal Windows Platform," of course) and Xbone, you only have to buy one copy and you can play it on either platform.

The main advantage of this for Microsoft is that they'll get to start counting PC gamers in their Xbox Live user counts, which is how they report their quarterly earning (since October 2015) instead of Xbox hardware sales. And extrovert gamers on the PC will be able to talk to Xbox gamers.

Otherwise, I don't see much here for PC gamers. (Phil Spencer is, after all, the head of "Xbox," not of Gaming or of Windows.)

Sort of fascinating to think about what enabling mouse and keyboard on Xboxes might do, though. My guess: this opens up twitch games like Overwatch and MMORPGs, with their sweet, sweet microtransaction money, to Xbox owners.

Still interesting to see this, though.

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