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Re: Starpoint Gemini Warlords

The problem with LGM is that they start working on a new game without finishing to work on the current title.
They did it with SPG.
They are doing it again with SPG2.
History will repeat with SPG:Warlords as well: 2 years from now and they will announce yet another game, leaving this one with bugs, technical issues, and a distinct lack of features that the community has been asking for since day3 but they always turned a deaf ear to.

This is simply their business model, and so far it worked.
But at this rate they will end up just like GPG did: left in the mud by their own loyal fanbase that got tired of trusting a dev that delivered incomplete products at every turn.
Only, LGM has not one tenth of the prestige, funds, and technical competence that GPG had.

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