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Re: Stardew Valley

IronDuke wrote:
JanB1 wrote: You never played spore before, eh? ;)


Wow. :shock: :lol: I concede defeat.


Heh. I liked the game, even though it got some bad reviews. But I thought it was cool. ^^

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Re: Stardew Valley

JanB1 wrote:Btw.:
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:lol: :thumbup: Thanks for that. Watering my cat was indeed a much beloved segment of my morning routine.
If anybody wants to employ a namedrop (eg. 'it's like x') to get me interested in a game, x= Stardew Valley will always work. :squirrel:
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Re: Stardew Valley

Hey, Baile nam Fonn - you should try Dwarf Fortress. It's a lot like Stardew Valley. You can grow crops, and drowning the cats is actually quite easy. It's full of weird, wacky characters that all secretly hate you, too! And each other, typically. Best of all, there's plenty of mining! They're practically the same game!
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Re: Stardew Valley

So, have played it in Beta with Stardust! Verdict: it was awesome! I actually had more fun playing with her than I think I ever had playing by myself.

Some thoughts, in no particular order:
  • Time moves very quickly. The game does not pause, ever, during cutscenes, looking at your inventory, crafting, talking to people, etc. Days are not longer to make up for this. As a result, you can feel a bit rushed to get everything finished in the time you want to - especially on the earlier days where cutscenes are more prevalent.
  • Money is shared. This is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, it means everyone works for the benefit of the hive. On the other hand, it means any one person can topple the hive buying beer for Pam.
  • Items are not shared. This is nice.
  • There's an option to change how much gold you make, to 75%, 50%, or 25%. In two player games I'd say it's safe to leave it at 100% or, if good players, 75%. It's hard to make up for the time missing from cutscenes/talking.
  • Relationships don't seem to be shared. Also awesome. If two people want to date the same person I guess it turns into a race to see who can woo them first. :D I wonder if there's special dialogue when trying to woo someone who's already married - or if they can cheat on you. Needs more research done.
  • Overall it's awesome fun, although I'd probably find it less fun if it wasn't Stardust, or if we didn't have voice chat running at the same time.

If you enjoyed Stardew Valley solo and have a good friend or three that enjoy it too, multiplayer is absolutely a good reason to get back into it. :D I don't know if it works between steam and GOG, but Stardust and I both had GOG accounts and it worked pretty well. She's on a mac, though, so her mouse-clicking is a bit odd. she has to use x and c for some things and it's... strange. But still great fun!

Note: would probably be best if you played with people you saw eye-to-eye with and weren't of the mischief-causing sort. I could see that getting old fast. (Fortunately Stardust and I are very much in-sync. :D)
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