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Re: HELLDIVERS - Democracy never felt so good

I have this game on PS4 and absolutely love it.
It's by far the best game to play sitting on the couch in the living room with 3 friends. (local co-op)
I have no idea how the PC version is though.

Prior to this our go-to 4 player game was Diablo 3 Ultimate Edition but this one goes much faster and you don't have to deal with people constantly wanting to screw with their inventory or adjust skills. The only game that really even competes with it at get togethers is Rock Band 4 but that's an entirely different kind of game.

You will die though... A LOT... so if you to just roll with it. We've even talked about making it a drinking game where each time you die or kill a teammate you have to take a drink, rofl.


Just gotta let this Trailer speak for itself first:

Seriously, the game doesn't take itself too serious. It's fun, you can play short matches and it's most fun when played in a team of 4 with voicechat.

Did I mention it's on steam for around 20 bucks?
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