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Re: Rain World

Hmm...this game looks really colourful to me. And cute. But dunno if I will play it, not the type of Platform-Player.

Well...on the opposite of that I'm playing "Trine 1-3" at the moment, sooo... :roll:
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Re: Rain World

Gamasutra has posted a nice write-up of Rain World, with lots of details on the world and gameplay.

My commentary: Sigh. Another creative idea offering some amazing opportunities for exploratory play spoiled, like Klei's Don't Starve, by the completely unnecessary imposition of sudden-death mechanics. They create this wonderfully fluid world to explore. Then they force you to explore it. Then they punish you -- with multiple sticks -- for exploring.

Is there a school somewhere teaching people that it's "not a real game" if it doesn't insist on an abusive level of challenge? Where does this "game == challenge" belief come from, which has IMO ruined numerous games? Does no one teach "understand the playstyle interests of your desired players and design all of the mechanics and (world) dynamics and aesthetics in your game to satisfy those distinctive play preferences"?

To put it another way, I have zero objection to making challenging games for gamers who enjoy challenging play... but then don't make the world of the game so fascinating and exploration-worthy! That's just cruel to the gamers who enjoy exploratory play.

Re: Rain World

It was sort of fascinating to read the comments about the rain:
...the strange planet you’re on suffers from regular, bone-crushing downpours. If you’re outside of a hibernation spot when the weather turns, you’ll die no matter how much food you’ve eaten. Fortunately, there is a “rain clock” that can be brought up that gives an idea of how long you have left until the rains arrive.
Er... did the thought that having to code a "rain clock" wouldn't be necessary if rain didn't kill you never occur to anyone?

Apparently, nope. Because challenge!

... As usual, this is probably sounding more biting and angry than I'm actually feeling. I really am disappointed that what sounds like a game with a really cool world to explore is basically off-limits because of what I believe is an unnecessary belief that really hard mechanics are required. But it's just disappointment. I know other people dig this kind of thing; I hope they enjoy this game.

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