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Re: System Shock 3

Flatfingers wrote:I went and read the Faceapp privacy notice before I gave it permission to own my phone.

Nope. Noooooooooooope.

Exactly the sort of thing SHODAN would do.

Well, better safe than sorry, right? I generally don't download any "Fun"-Apps like this anyways. They always want to own everything on your phone, just for altering a few pictures? How about no? :D
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Re: System Shock 3

News: In the official OtherSide Entertainment forum, the very nice Community Manager Sam Luangkhot mentioned in passing that there've been some demos created for System Shock 3.

Apparently the OtherSide Austin team working on SS3 are "a BEAST" of productivity -- the Boston OtherSide team are already getting to try out the internal demos.

E3 is coming up. OtherSide may or may not be planning to announce a release date for SS3 there. (Interestingly, with the Stardock publishing deal for SS3 it seems the Austin team are fully funded for development and have no need to do a Kickstarter for it.)


Re: System Shock 3

After months of silence, the new Community Manager for OtherSide Entertainment has acknowledged as true the rumor that Tencent is now involved somehow with System Shock 3. ... nt/10313/7

They didn't give any details. In fact, their announcement was worded so poorly that it sounded like Tencent was taking ownership of the whole System Shock franchise -- which isn't OtherSide's to negotiate away. (The System Shock IP is owned by NightDive Studios, who presumably licensed the System Shock elements to OtherSide solely to make System Shock 3.)

I have a very strong opinion about this deal, which I'm not going to get into because I don't feel like wasting a single moment of my time dealing with the counterfactual idiocy so popular today. I'm just posting this here because it's news that some might be interested in knowing about.

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