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Angels Fall First

This game just dropped on Steam EA. It's been in development for close to a decade, and it attempts to be the holy grail of space games. You're a soldier. You're a pilot. You're a driver. You're a commander. It's got FPS combat, vehicle combat, space combat, cap ship combat, boarding, tactics. The ship interiors are large, but logical. Damage a ship on the outside, and it's on fire on the inside. Lose a cap ship, and all the fighters and weapons on that ship are gone forever. Ship, vehicle, and soldier loadouts are configurable. It can be played multiplayer, or totally offline with competent bots.

It's a bit rough around the edges, but wonderfully realized and pulls you into its world. The devs have been working on this for years and years, and there's no chance it will be abandoned until it's been polished to a spit shine.

Scott Manley 16m gameplay vid
Steam page. It's on sale for the next 30 hours.
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Re: Angels Fall First

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I've sadly been in the middle of a big move and thus have been relying on tethering my mobile connection for my internet fix until I get my home NBN internet service up and running, of course the box appears to have a fault and I'm having to have a tech come out and figure out why it isn't working. 8 gigs of mobile data/month does not go very far when you have absolutely no other internet to speak of. I actually blew nearly a gig when I accidentally turned steam on and there were a ton of updates. I had completely forgot I even had the internet on. Anyway I've gotten side-tracked.
Quite honestly I know nothing of this game, BUT if they manage to pull off all that they claim to even in a buggy state I would happily purchase it. For those who know of it/play it I'd love to ask how buggy is it and are you actually able to do all that it claims you can do? Also I'm not really sure I get the whole overall design. It says you can play as a Commander in a sense but there doesn't appear to be any resource gathering or building or at least I didn't see any mention of it and I'm not sure it would be particularly safe since I'm already over my cap to watch a video on it lol.

Sadly though I'd much prefer if there was a true DRM-free version and I wasn't forced to buy it through steam. But I might hit the devs up on that later if I decide to get it, if there is any way of getting in touch with them.

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