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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

IronDuke wrote:I'm firing up the game now. I'm only doing ol' a>b>a trading right now as part of my journey to the Cutter, but if someone wants to wing up and get some trade dividends, I've got a lovely 4000cr/tonne route I'm working... :shh:

Actually, scratch that. I'm bored already. :monkey: I'm going to Cubeo to abuse the charity missions to increase my Empire rank, see how far it gets. If it doesn't go far then I'll BH.

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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

You may not have known it was coming, but it came.

Prepare yourself... for CMDR Detritus8's CMDR Logs!
Elite: Dangerous
Commander Logs
CMDR Detritus8
Member of the WolfStar Raiders
Home System: HIP 16607
CMDR Detritus8 outside Kepler Orbital, Atropos, Zachary Hudson space
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Current Location: HIP 16607
April 7, 3302. Me and IronDuke decided to go bounty hunting in a hazardous resource extraction site, but after Duke took minor damage and returned to base for repairs (and to get in a better ship), the incompetent repairmen overpriced the repairs, and told him when his ship would be ready. It wasn’t a short amount of time either. So I went bounty hunting by myself after that, in my trusty cobra. After a bit, I met a player named CMDR Cyrgon in a Federal Corvette. We set up a deal. We both go back to the station, he switches to sidewinder, I kill him and get his 985K cred bounty. I suspected a trick, however, so cashed in current vouchers and then went back out to meet him. Chatted for a bit, blew him up, got the creds, he saluted and left. No tricks. Well, I guess not all people are cheaters. Unfortunately though, the bounty is in Atropos, which is in Zachary Hudson’s space. So I need to go there before getting the creds. 9 jumps. Good thing IronDuke helped me get a better FSD! Too bad WSR system ain’t on the route, as it would be nice to pay it a visit again. Alas, must go through unfamiliar systems for now.
Ten minutes later...
So I arrived at Atropos, docked at Kepler Orbital, cashed in the bounty, and the other 65K federal bounty vouchers I had collected over time. 1M free creds! \o/
Returned to HIP 16607, was interdicted on the way by an eagle. Killed it. Got 12K creds. Thanks eagle!
CMDRs encountered: IronDuke, Cyrgon
Current Location: HIP 16607
Current Credits: 2,022,145
CMDR Detritus8 inside Kepler Orbital
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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Mark up another returning WSR grunt.
After spending some time with my Cobra under a dust cloth, I have returned to active duty.
Unfortunately, a misunderstanding at one of the Wolf 906 resource extraction sties (why system security vessels feel that flying into my lasers is a good idea I'll never understand), some time away from home was deemed necessary.
I'm not much of a storyteller so I'll keep things simple. I went exploring. Had the idea that I wanted to see a black hole, and the only black hole I knew of was Sag A*. Only 25kLy, it would be a doddle.
So off I went.
About 1000Ly into the trip I started getting bored and decided to try landing on some virgin airless rocks. Mental note - hitting boost in a Cobra when inside a rocky canyon with about 100m leeway either side is not smart. Goodbye 60% hull integrity.
So I figured getting back to the bubble to cash in my exploration credits would be smart. Almost got myself into a spot of bother when I overestimated the frequency of scoopable starts en-route to Cubeo. Got myself down to about 10% of a tank before I was able to refuel.
Anyway, I made it safely to Cubeo (I felt like I'd been spending too much time in Federation space to date. A change of scenery felt necessary.) I'm liking hearing different accents from the traffic controllers.
Decided that it might be nice to get another ride, something bigger than my Cobra. Thinking a Python would be a logical next step (hey, it works for Oolite...). 53MCr!!! And then I need to ensure I can kit it out with some good gear, so probably I need 100MCr. I need a way to make some slightly more serious money.
I discovered delivery missions!!! Up until now I've been obstinately self-sufficient, refusing to interact with the denizens any more than necessary. But it turns out, netting 250kCr for a 15 minute delivery is actually not a bad deal. So the plan was to see if these payments could get bigger if I improve my reputation with the Prismatic mob at Cubeo.
Then I started noticing the Engineers tab on my ships interface. Maybe tweaking the FSD of my Cobra could improve my earning capacity (no doubt there's a flaw in that logic but then, I'm in the right place for inadvisable decisions). The first engineer I could find was 300Ly away. Hey I just did a 2kLy jaunt. 300Ly is a mere hop. And it was. An hour or so later I'm talking to an engineer asking for some Meta Alloys. I'd never heard of these things. Time to start pinging the less than official information sources as to where I can find such a commodity.
There was a market about 400Ly away that sells Meta Alloys for around 90kCr. I can't be arsed to find any lying around (or waiting for the galactic RNG to drop one in front of me) so off I go again. That exploration trip turned out to be useful. Knowing exactly how hot I can get my scoop certainly takes the uncertainty out of rapid system-to-system jumps.
Right now, I've got the Meta Alloys and I'm on my way back to my engineer in Deciat (?). I've read that they have a penchant for exploration data. I passed a few systems with 50-odd objects to scan so I guess I'll be taking my time getting back there. Hopefully there's no time limit. If this engineer sends me on more wild goose chases, maybe I'll get my proverbial back to Cubeo and build up my cash reserves the old fashioned way...

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

I might have to join up with you guys this weekend. I've been running bulk passenger missions (with seriously inflated payouts due to the destinations' distances from the primary.) I managed to get an FDL that chews up most of the NPC's I've run across, but am still working on kitting it out. Until I get the money I'm mostly flying an Orca passenger liner completely filled with economy-class cabins so I can cram as many human sardines in as possible XD

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Yay, the Wolfstar Raiders are coming back from the dead!

I'll be on tonight, I am going to be looking for systems near Wolf 906 that have better bounty payouts, 906 has become lawful since I last played and most of the pirates have either gone to ground or have buggered off. So bounties are few and far between here.

I have also picked up a new Viper Mk2, as my Cobra Mk3 is a little too slow for combat.
It's nice, but I preferred the cockpit of my Cobra. With 2D Fixed Beams it makes quick work of most targets.
Although I think the Cobra had more damage output with the same Beams...
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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Another quick update.

Upholding the very best traditions of the WolfStar Raiders, I got to Maia to see the black hole. That event in itself was not particularly noteworthy except for the fact that I had previously visited Maia and didn't even realise that the system hosted a black hole.

How this came about? Normally when I arrive at a new system, I blast the discovery scanner, travel to each unknown and scan it. This time when arriving at Maia, I dropped in next to the nav beacon and downloaded the system data, proceeded to ignore it, went to the local market to pick up some meta-alloys, and then started my trek back to my engineer that wanted the materials. I got about half a dozen jumps away before I was informed that a black hole was to be found at Maia.

Oh and I can officially report my first encounter with a Thargoid. Again, I upheld the WolfStar Raider standard. I dropped in on a non-human signal source (Threat 5 - meh, how bad could it be?) and found the Thargoid right in front of me with it's little Thargons circling it. I was pre-morning coffee so I guess my reactions were a little off. I'm not a combative person normally, and will fight in self-defence so I was happy to sit and observe....and accidentally hit the throttle to full and ram the Thargoid. Yay! First Contact!

I don't know if my 'greeting' was interpreted as hostile, but I did start taking hits on my shield. Time to run (and this is why I'd be reluctant to part with my Cobra - it's great for running away).

I plan on thoroughly scanning each system en-route to Deciat, although I'll probably get bored of that soon enough and just jump there as fast as possible...

I'm probably also going to get bored of being an engineer's bitch so I may find myself back in Cubeo sooner rather than later (i'm still talking weeks, though - I only get a couple of hours a week ship time)

<out of character>I noticed that i've been granted the rank of Ensign. Nice. Could I have my timezone added - I'm Perth, Western Australia, +0800h

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

I might be able to log in around 7:30pm +8UTC...translates to 11:30am UTC, and 22:30 (+11UTC). It might be a bit late for you but you never know...I don't know your bedtime...

If you can give me your vicinity, I can make an effort tonight to get nearby (just as soon as I blow off this engineer mission...) so as to be ready for action tomorrow.

I also better get myself added to the WolfStar Raiders private group (if I'm not in it already). I've not done much (read: any) multiplayer so you'll have to forgive my noobishness.

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

GoatChops wrote:
Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:48 pm
Gentlemen - How are we all going?

I am up for some rounds of Elite Dangerous on Wednesday night 8:30 pm ( +11 UTC)
That'd be 10:30pm for me mate, else I would totally fly with you again.
(Work tomorrow, blarg) But Thursday through Monday I can (I took friday and monday off, frak those days in specific. :V)

Went flying myself, using a Viper Mk2 instead of my more typical Cobra Mk3, first fight saw me down to 51% hull. Kept going though, and got another 5 kills before the federation were killing them faster than I could K-Warrent and pop a few rounds into them, so I headed back, repaired, rearmed, spent all my bounties, and went out again.
Same basic deal, except this time I managed to get both my 2D lasers malfunctioning, so I kept tagging targets with my secondary weapons, and the local Feds did the heavy lifting.

Suppose I should feel bad for stealing bounties from their crews.
But then they *DID* sign up to be grunts. Who cares about them.
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