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Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Proud members of WSR I am pleased to report the recommissioning of the WSRS (WolfStar Raider Ship) SpaceGoat. Next weekend (Sunday 20th March) I intend to go for a good 7-8 hour sortie, anyone that is interested in joining me is more then welcome! I will be flying out of Wolf 906 and looking to cause trouble with pirates and law enforcement a like.

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Silverware wrote:Australian Sunday?
If so, count me in!

I might even see if I can get the GF's laptop to install Elite and the control mechanisms for maximum graphics :3
Indeed it will be +10 UTC/GMT

I have no idea what we will be doing.... so please if you have any ideas please throw them out there heh.

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Okay raiders I have some news!

I have just purchased our voice server YAY! Details to follow once I get home and set it up.... :oops:

Also after some thought I have come up with the following criteria for the selection of WSR games:
1. A WSR member wants to play it (no seriously that is it :P )
.... okay okay one more just because everyone loves rules
2. Supports co-op or Multiplayer skirmish (happy?)
"but Goat, what about those pesky MMO tittles where we can form a clan and cause trouble?" I hear you ask
3. A WSR clan will be set up in MMO titles (or titles that support the formation of groups) only if 10 WSR members or 25% of the WSR membership (whichever is lower) own the game and are playing it enough to be considered casually active (2ish hours a week)

In short WSR members are free to play and discuss any game they damn well want too. Our goal is to provide a group of people that just want someone to fly with, co-op with, fly against or just generally talk smack with.

Now using our very refined and well laid out rules I am officially adding two more titles to our list of games:
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
Star Citizen

My dear friends in WSR please let me know your thoughts.

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

We should also consider ourselves the "wombat" arm of the Harmony Network's formed by fellow LTheory Members, especially if we have few members interacting in those specific environments.

As it is good to have someone to fly or murder with, regardless if they understand that Wolfstar Raiding is more about the crazy murder stuff than they might like. :P
qRogue v0.0.9

Re: The WolfStar Raiders

Sunday's Murder fest was fun, alas I was flying solo due a malfunction in CMDR Silverware's flight control systems. My current goal in game is to climb the ladder in the federal navy. That's right GoatChops is going legit... well as legit as I can possibly get... which is not very legit to be honest... damn it, I may end up being one of those Admirals that gets shot by his own fleet.

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