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Re: Alite - Elite for Android

This is pretty cool.

I like the tutorial, although in doing my usual "deliberately mess everything up" I managed to crash it the first time (it really doesn't expect you to try to buy slaves instead of food). I love the sarcastic comments, though:

"Let's try that. Tap on the symbol for food."
*taps Slaves*
"No, I told you to tap on the food-icon, that's the one in the upper left corner, wet-nose."

"Now you need to enter the quantity. How much do you want to buy. Let's not overindulge ourselves here: Although this is a simulation only, and nothing will really be added to your cargo bay, enter a 1 followed by OK."
*enters 17*
"I don't know if you failed basic reading, but it sure looks like that you fleshy-headed mutant. Type a 1, that's the number in the first column, third row, followed by OK, that's the third column, fourth row button."

Anyway, as far as being Elite goes, it ticks all the boxes. I miss rudder steering from Oolite, and although I haven't seen all the equipment available just yet I'm guessing things like the Explorer's Club mod offers aren't in the game, so it won't be replacing Oolite... but then it's not supposed to. It's something I can play on the train, and it works great. :mrgreen:
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