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Re: LEGO® Worlds

Sadly, I did not make this: Image However, lately, I have taken to rocking on top of the world the TT Games logo, in plain sight (and ear range) of my entire city! (it has a population of about 20) Image
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Re: LEGO® Worlds

What a bunch of Negative Nancys there are in the Steam reviews! :roll:

I may yet end up agreeing with their conclusions, but I'll say that so far I'm appreciating the significant amount of game structure that's been added and I'm determined to give it a fair chance.
Feels like real solid effort went in to the launch version, rather than a lazy slap of an "It's done!" sticker on to the latest early access build. :thumbup:

Some random observations:
  • boxes of dynamite can be unlocked early in the game, placed en masse, and set off in a glorious chain reaction of craters blown into the world
  • placing props in free build mode is surprisingly painless. There's a generous threshold for embedding them into blocks. They can be placed anywhere, even completely embedded in terrain! :squirrel:
  • I swear warm gold paint wasn't nearly this pretty in EA. Blasting caves and then painting them gold has become one of my favourite goofing off activities. :D
  • Yep, warm gold is definitely very awesome now!
  • Spamming with the ice gun is pretty fun.
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Re: LEGO® Worlds

Baile nam Fonn wrote:I'm loving this.

It ain't perfect.. It lags sometimes. It crashes sometimes. It bugs out occasionally.

But nevertheless, it is leaps and bounds better than the early access experience!
I wonder what target group they had in mind when making this game. And if it's a total different one. I know, on LEGO packages it's always written "x-99y", but still... :ghost:
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