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Backseat Game Development!

So I am incredibly bored sometimes, and want to write code.
But nothing I have going is interesting to me.

So instead I will outsource my motivation. To you guys!
We have a Github Repo
We have a Raspberry Pi running the code it updates to the latest master branch every 10 minutes!
GitHub also provides a running version of the code. (Updated manually)

  • It will be 2D
  • It will use Javascript as the language
  • It will be open source
  • Don't be a dick
  • Anyone may submit ideas
  • Any idea must get a minimum of three votes to be accepted
  • Any idea may be later removed, with a group vote gaining at least 66% agreement to remove it
  • Any idea that conflicts with another will require a group vote with at least 66% agreement to implement it
  • Any resources must be expressly permitted by the copyright owner to be used in this game
  • I reserve executive powers to mark a person as ignored if they are a dick to others in this thread
  • I reserve the right to add further rules without notice

So the best place to start is the type of game.
We can do anything at all, so long as it is 2D!

Roguelike, Shooter, Trading Game, Clicker, Anything!
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Re: Backseat Game Development!

traffic management game. Managing a hangar, and directing sizes of ships to the right landing pad. More ships come quicker etc, you need to basically channel them in and out of the right places so no one collides with each other, or the door they need to go out.

Kind of like flight control for iOS, if you've played that. But you direct ships out of the hangar as well. through the right spot. Or they either stop and hold everyone up, or collide and blow themselves up.

Ships with cargo (minerals, or passengers etc) need to go to specific platforms.

You get credits for each successful docked/unloaded/launched ship (amount depends on size/cargo)

Need to defend entrance from intruders (inside and out)
-turrets on the inside
-turrets on the outside
-fighter bay (fighters increases by 1 for evey 5 ships successfully landed, or something)
You build (behind the scenes) a fighter bay (or something similar) where when an attack happens, you send out X ships to defend yourself from it.
you don't actually do the battle, the battle happens based on how many fighters you send out + your outside turrets.
If unsuccessful in defending, they will breach, and it depends on your inside turrets to take out the intruders, or you will just get damage doen to your station.

You lose if
-you have 3 accidents (collisions)
-your station gets destroyed(from attacks, or collisions)
-your station gets breached.

You don't win.
you just keep on playing until you lose, because it just gets harder and harder

Re: Backseat Game Development!

How about....


Summary: Survey a newly-discovered planet for its physical and biological resources by manipulating the evolution over centuries of the indigenous life forms.

Description: EXVOLVER is a 2D top-down game in which you explore a procedurally-generated planet by selected breeding of local life forms that have particular abilities for collecting survey data. If you want to know what grows in some rocks, breed bacteria that feed on the "junk" material of those rocks; if you want to map the terrain, breed avian life forms; if there's a place you can't get to because it's been colonized by aggressive animals, breed bigger, badder animals; and so on.

You win once you've collected a predetermined percentage of survey data in each of the categories of knowledge. But be careful not to create a sapient life form! Once that happens, they'll start their own breeding program -- and if they discover your secret base, it's game over!

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