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Re: XCom 2

I have created a few of those 4 Kilobyte Games. (after it was crunshed using fancy compression though)
(3D rendering, terrain generation, simple flight mechanics in one,
voxel terrain in another, an Isometric RTS, a platform shooter with dynamic AI enemies etc..)
Its quite interesting what can be crunshed into the 4KB limit.

Anyhow. Its certainly possible to make gamesaves much smaller (If they wanted to)

For example:

a generated map could be represented by just 1 to 2 bytes for the seed.
One byte for the mision type / objective, and maybe one byte for the seed that places the object.
-> that can represent the map to generate. (the actual templates for the structure are in the client-data)

A soldier can be represented from between 32 bytes up to 288 bytes (when customizing)

-skin/headprop/patterns/colors/etc, each not requiering more than a byte (256 variations)
-4 bytes for the weapon type, 4 bytes for the upgrades etc.
-1 byte for the whole skill tree choice (bitwise: 0 = left, 1=right)
-1 byte for the unlocked rank
-maybe a few for bytes for the personal stats (aim, health, will etc..)

when naming the character it goes up,
-a humongous 10 to 255 bytes, +1 lenght bytes for the name string(s)
-OR, just a single byte or two for the library name / template

ok, not naming all variations, it can be compressed very small,

But I dont see any complex event data to save that is "nessecary" to represent the game state.

What I have read, is that XCOM actually saves ALL previous events in and outside combat.
And thats probably the reason why the gamesaves bloat up so much.
But there is (outside of testing) no real requirement to do so.
At least no for battles that where already won.

Re: XCom 2

I think you may have missed the part where the game needs to be moddable, and therefore saving everything (and in strings where possible) is preferable. :ghost: Regardless, it's not really that much. Skyrim saves are around 5 MB. Fallout 3 saves are around 6 MB. Witcher 3 saves manage to keep it down to less than 2 MB, but still over 1. Witcher 2 had > 2 MB save files. Factorio saves can be over 8 MB in a "normal" game. KSP has saves over 5 MB even a short ways through the game.

Modding makes things balloon somewhat. The games that are more moddable tend to have a lot more data in their files, but really, 2 MB is on the low side. While you can feasibly compress it more, what's the point? You lose a lot of moddability, and more importantly, 2 MB of data takes almost no time to load on a standard machine today. I'd say they did just fine.

To give you an idea of a mod that might make use of that data, consider a simple "statistics" mod. Now you suddenly have a use for all the trivial things that have occurred in your game. There's no harm in including that. :) Another example is that an event is triggered after exactly three missions occur where two soldiers panic from seeing a high-HP enemy. Where do you decide that such information is "no longer useful" and draw the line? Better to just include everything you can, just in case modders can find a use for it. Which brings me back to my original point... 2 MB is no big deal, as far as I see it.
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Re: XCom 2


This game is so, so, so freaking awesome. :mrgreen: :squirrel: This was my best mission to date. Squad of five with their newly equipped magnetic weaponry and relatively new Predator armor - although they didn't even need it. I took no damage whatsoever. I killed 8 Mutons, 4 Berserkers, and saved 12/19 civilians, plus I got to promote Mr-I-Can-One-Hand-A-Minigun in the back there.

I think maybe now I can take on that (first?) Blacksite without getting squadwiped at the start of the action. :D These are only half of the highly-ranked, highly-skilled soldiers I have, with another 20 or so rapidly moving up.

Also, in case anyone's wondering, the difficulty is on normal. The only setting I tweaked was I turned on damage-falloff for explosives; I always felt like a nade doing max damage at max range is really silly.

For fun, my single favorite picture from the game (taken automatically, not by me):
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Re: XCom 2

You know what would be cool? If someone modded XCom2 into REKT. That'd be sweet, I must say.
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Re: XCom 2

Talvieno wrote:
Tue Nov 06, 2018 1:42 pm
REKT is moddable

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if(inmate.Caleb.loves('Cho') = true) {
    ship.Nemesis.candles = burning;
    inmate.Saoirse.eyes = rolled;
    gm.tal.evil = true;
if(gm.tal.evil === true) {
Please don't take my advice. You will wind up in jail if you do.
For some reason, I feel obliged to display how many people have talked in IRC over the past 2 hours: Image :problem:

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