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Re: XCom 2

wizaerd wrote:If they remove all the timers and turn limits, I might play it, but otherwise, no...
If there only were at least three mods for it already :D Turn limit complaints sound like a broken record at this point.

Good thing about single-player games with day-one modding: you get to play the way you like to play! No mod for it? Chances are you can just modify the ini files yourself anyway. Additional fun bit is that XCOM2 doesn't judge you for modding: achievements aren't disabled, even if you mod 999 damage and 200% accuracy rookies.

I personally do like vanilla time limits, they work amazing in tandem with concealment. They break that ugly stale taste the first game's missions had, the minimal-risk blue move/overwatch turtling (which I still get to do on more serious, non-timed missions in this game too). But then again, I ain't playing for fun :lol:

Re: XCom 2

Talvieno wrote:Which memes are we RIP'ing?
lol :P
Mimic beacons. They were kinda broken. They are an item like a grenade, the soldier tosses it, and where it lands it creates a shiny hologram modeled after them, for a turn. This hologram makes aliens go crazy and attracts all their attacks, and it used to be exactly like a soldier with 12 hp: it could take cover and could be missed. And since aliens are trash, they often just converged on that poor meme bacon, and missed it with all their shots and swings. And you picked them off next turn. It was basically a free ticket out of getting flanked and murdered horribly.

Now the memes cannot be missed, and they cannot take cover, so they are just a big pool of attractive hitpoints now. Still good! But not as good, they cannot survive a double pod activation.

Edit: Bonus round!

Re: XCom 2

I guess I won't litter stuff with a new topic. So now that I finished the game on C:I by myself, I might do something different! Namely, I'll regularly stream (and record? maybe, if I have the technical aptitude) a new campaign! Cosmetic and quality of life mods enabled, but not much else.

Catch is that I'll only do it all in an accountable manner, online, starring you all! If you send me your character concepts in text or pictures (or from the game if you have it), I shall immortalize you in the Character Pool, and give you a shot at being a badass operative! Or a VIP, if that's your thing.

There are a few ways of going about this:
- I can start a new campaign with random rookies only, and warp them into your image,
- I can start with your characters randomly assigned from the big old pool, but prioritized (best solution imo),
- Or I can start with a completely mixed roster or pre-made and random rooks, and you may have a chance of making it, or may not.

Any takers? I did a bit of a preliminary survey on IRC yesterday, seems like there's gonna be a couple of takers at least.
Any preferences for stream or video, and stream times?

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