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Re: Elite Dangerous

... it is unlikely that the title could influence them to that point.
As you say, unlikely - but who knows. People were grabbing ideas from all over the place back then. Elite itself was almost certainly inspired by, among others, Traveller, although DB now denies this (apparently). There's a flavour of THHGTTG in Elite too, which in turn was probably partly inspired by a Kurt Vonnegut 'excerpt' attributed to Kilgore Trout (one of Vonnegut's characters), and expanded into a novel by Philip José Farmer (writing as Kilgore Trout).
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Re: Elite Dangerous

Isinona is so damn cool. I'm aiming to get to Elite this year (triple Elite that is) and then I'm thinking about re-setting my save and flying FA off only on my next time around. I love that the videos have a story, it's all role played so beautifully. One of the best content makers out there for ED in my humble opinion.

Re: Elite Dangerous

So Chapter 4 is almost upon us, it's the biggest (and some might say the most important) free update to date. Frontier are doing livestreams every week to go into the details, the first was last Thursday and dealt with exploration, the codex, UI improvements and lighting improvements. Well worth a watch if you have the time (it's almost 1 & 1/2 hours!). Highlights for me are the new exploration and probe system, new UI, the codex, rumours and of course the Orerry! From first look, Elite Dangerous is about to get a whole lot of depth added.

Edit: There is also a re-cap thread on the main forums: ... ost7088359

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