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Re: Elite Dangerous

Yeah, saw that he's moving on to a "secret project" that they mentioned "a few months ago" but I hadn't heard of it. :think: Then again, that forum's so huge I miss 80% of what's on it. :ghost:

Rather interested to see what it is... will it be an amazing rollercoaster game (again?) A space game with an offline mode (nope?) An RTS that puts CnC to shame (good luck?) So many possibilities... :squirrel:

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Re: Elite Dangerous

Since there's still nothing concrete on the LT front (it looks like) I've spend about 6 months solid playing E: D, after all that I slated it in the past. Playing in Mobius or solo.

I've unlocked some engineers. I've been to the galactic core and back. I have a character out at Colonia (the new bubble). I've even gone to the trouble of writing backstories for both of my characters. My main is an Elite explorer & trader (almost!) and I own both of the rank-locked top level ships (Imperial Cutter and Federal Corvette).

In short, I just want to say that if you haven't played the game for a while... it's come on quite a bit. If you treat it as a very pretty version of Frontier: First Encounters (rather than the game the DDF helped design) it's stunning.

2.4 is bringing Thargoids (finally) and 3.0+ will all be about improvements to the base gameplay. So the future is looking quite good for the game from where I'm sitting.

Yes, there's no offline mode. But solo is almost as good as (but not quite), and playing in Mobius means you can run into other players without the fear of being pointlessly blown up.

Anyway, just my tuppence.

Re: Elite Dangerous

There's a new bubble? <chortles>

My Cobra's been parked-up at Teveri (one of the originals) for nearly three years - is it still on the edge of the bubble?
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Re: Elite Dangerous

I keep trying to come back to the game, then realize that it wants me to do chores. Can't I just use a remote trading ship to take the garbage to the engineer X3 style, instead of having to sleep through the trucking myself? Aaargh I have such mixed feelings.

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