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Re: Elite Dangerous

Silverware wrote:
Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:41 pm
So... I once again wrote something...
This time useful for those who want to make a quick buck in Elite.

Mining Opals or Painite are two of the most profitable (in credits/hour) activities in Elite at the moment.
Here is a tool that'll tell you where to sell your hold full of liquid credits.
It'll only work for a bubble 256LY in Radius around Sol, but any star in there should be included.
Even HIP 21991, with it's double Painite Hotspot, can be thrown in.
Uhm.. it doesn't work if I put Ceos or Sothis in it... is it a bug?
What kind of software are you writing, Silver? :P

In Josh We Trust

Re: Elite Dangerous

Any system that I have never received data for won't be tracked, as it' won't be in my local DB.
To fix that, use an EDDN link tool and fly there, thus uploading the data, and allowing my system to capture it.

This was build primarily to solve the problem of the main market tools only going out 20LY, this goes out, iirc, 200LY from Sol.
So you get a LOT better view of where the best places to sell (and thus to mine near) are at any one time.

This system runs in three parts.

The first is an EDDN connection, (using Node.js) that picks up everything, storing Opal and Panite prices, as well as systems, then stores these on a regular basis into some flat file databases.

The second is a simple Node.js socket server, it provides data based on queries from the third piece, using the data from above.

The last is the front end, which is the pretties, and makes the queries then presents the data in a human visible format.
Since old data is useless it marks it as dark when its older than 24 hours or so.
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