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Re: Elite Dangerous

Cornflakes_91 wrote:the new turret camera in ED is shiny, too bad that i'd have to shell out another 25 bucks to be granted the honor of using a camera mode :D
Turret cam only available if you are in a multicrew ship in the gunner role :think:
I would love to have that cam always available not having to sit in someone else's ship.
Though they didn't say it was only for horizons and not being patched in the main game...

Re: Elite Dangerous

Dinosawer wrote:Of course it was a cutscene, it actively blocked ship movement. What else did people think it was? :?
It was a scripted cutscene, yes. Unfolding exactly the same for every player encountering it.
What it could have been though, was actual Thargoid NPC ships flying around, disabling ships and doing their nasty scans in various ways. That would've been more believable and much cooler.
Cutscenes are so year 2000 :)
old-fashioned :ghost:

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