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Mount and Blade series

I love these games.

I just want to here some other people's thoughts on this game. for people who don't know the mount and blade games you basically start as one man and you build your band of mercenary's and roam the land.
It's a lot like limit theory in the way you can do anything but the main difference is it's set in the middle ages and that it's combat is your army against there's. It's also has a political side to it where the factions of the world can declare war and peace with each other.

That's a quick summery of it and I would just like to hear how you play and your thought's on the game :?:

Re: Mount and Blade series

It's one of my absolute favorites!!! I've been completely in love with this game for a long time now. Logged so many hours. The freedom is definitely amazing. I also really love how the terrains are randomly-generated for the battles, so you always have new and exciting battle scenarios! It's awesome :D

I play by amassing and training a legion of Swadian nights. I think I've got upwards of 50 at this point, and I just ride from castle to castle taking them. I'm a horseback archer. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty much a beast with the bow...I have way too much fun nailing everyone with headshots from afar during battles :D

You're right, it's very similar to LT in the freedoms the games afford!

How do you play 8-)
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Re: Mount and Blade series

The game is condensed awesome-in-a-can.

Mounted combat is a bliss (as was to be expected with a name like that), the choice of stabbing, cutting and mashing implements is breathtaking, the degree of freedom impressive. It's one of those games that have been on my various harddrives for years, since there's nothing quite like it. A couple of the mods are also awesome in their own right.

With Fire and Sword felt a bit iffy - less options than the original game, and firearms were about as much fun as expected (bang, you're dead early on, and doesn't improve by much even with better armor). I've stayed away from the latest incarnation, as napoleonic ground warfare makes me retch.

How I play?
Hm, I never could get the hang of horse archery. My favorite pastimes are drive-by slashings, surprise javelin headshots and dismounted combat. Had a few rather fun games with nothing but Nord Huscarls and Archers, with myself ditching the horse as soon as possible, but my favorite faction are the Vaegir by far - I had a penchant for the Kievan Rus from other games already, and I absolutely adore their armors., if we could get the same thing with spaceships...:D
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Re: Mount and Blade series

Matthew Cason wrote:Been a fan of M&B since its early beta days. And for other afficionados, if you have not checked out the wealth of M&B mods, you have barely scratched the surface of greatness!
Oh goodness, really??? I did not know there was a modding scene..!!!!

Please, someone, give me more time in the day!!!!! :cry:
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Re: Mount and Blade series

Ohhhh, Josh, you are in for a treat, then. There are mods for everything from graphical improvements to new armor and weapons to meticulous, complete conversions for both historical settings (the Napoleonic Wars expansion has its roots in a mod, for instance) as well as sci-fi and fantasy genres.

Re: Mount and Blade series

thehikros1 wrote:If I could recommend a mod pack it would be the Floris mod pack
I second that emotion. It's my favorite mod. The -mod- itself is over 1 gig in size! What I appreciate most about it is that it preserves the integrity of the 'native', original game but manages to enhance and expand a lot of things. The total conversions often lose some of the M&B atmosphere, at least for me. Floris builds on it instead of replaces it, and it makes M&B so much more addictive in the process.

Re: Mount and Blade series

Prophesy of Pendor is where it's at. The AI in that game .... well, let's just say you could learn real-life tactics from them if you (dare) to enable all the optional features.

Warning: do not attempt to cavalry charge any faction leader, or named army, or anything that you haven't fought before really.

And see this thread for some of the crazy insane "alternative" strategies.

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