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Non violent interesting games

so i shamelessly require the help of the almighty limit theory community.

I got a friend to start gaming (with need for speed underground 2 and a Harry Potter game). Which leads to my quest to find more non violent interesting rpg/open world games with (if possible) magic.

I have (so far) a hard time to find games like these (whats not a surprise since 99% of my games require to kill stuff) any suggestions?

(she sort of liked skyrim, but it turned out to be also to violent)

Systems used are a ps3, a wii u and a pc
More people want exploding kittens than exploding ships. Somehow, this makes me happy.
- credits go to dwmagus

Re: Non violent interesting games

somehow it makes me sad to have 120 games in steam and all require you to murder the shit out off resolve things with force.

list so far contains

endless ocean (wii u)
dont starve
burnout paradise
animal crossing, harvest moon
mirrors edge

well see if any of this games gets accepted :lol:
More people want exploding kittens than exploding ships. Somehow, this makes me happy.
- credits go to dwmagus

Re: Non violent interesting games

Dinosawer wrote:All the lego games
you are murdering your way through all of them, albeit in a cute way.
(star wars, lord of the rings, harry potter, indiana jones)

Frontiers seems to be very close to what your girlfriend searches
TES-esque game with the combat strongly de-emphatised (its still there though) and rpg-ing, travelling, puzzling etc focused.
still in development

my list of non violent games in my libary

Amnesia 1&2
Penumbra 1,2&3
little inferno (its a bit... questionable though)
world of goo
space engineers
Perry Rhodan - The Adventure

Re: Non violent interesting games

I think this was a topic on Extra Credits once, 'open your library and tell me how many nonviolent, fun games you have'?'.

Some absolutely great suggestions here already btw in general. As for open world rpg magic, uhh, this DnD-fathered genre kinda has killing orcs inherent to it... There's simply not a lot of studios who make a huge world and not make you murder the bandit population, an RPG without physical conflict, or magic not mainly used to blow people up - understandably :V Otherwise it would turn into First Person Sims. Um, Second Life? I have no idea.

Thief series? Rewards very hard for being a pacifist, though you might not be able to avoid blackjacking some pesky guards.
First Gothic? I mean, it contains fighting, but doesn't over do it and turn into a mushy hack and slash; it's an old school RPG at heart.

Other genres I can testify for being fun, but not fitting the whole 'RPG' bill:
Papers, Please
Tycoon anything; Game Dev, and the upcoming Cities:Skylines come to mind.
Point and click adventure. Syberia is one I can testify for.
Miiiinecraft? :D (or clones)
Something sim, like Euro Truck?
X3? Has option to be a corporate magnate by ignoring the quest and not firing a shot, ever.

Can say a 'seconded' to Portal, World of Goo, and KSP I think.

Re: Non violent interesting games

Tomas Was Alone

From my wishlist (i.e. not necessarily a recommendation):
Rayman Legends and Rayman Origins (cartoon violence)
To The Moon
A Story About My Uncle
The Floor Is Jelly
The Talos Principle
Hexcells and it's 2 sequels
Constant C
Startopia (I think it has no violence, at least)
The Swapper (ditto)
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