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Re: Sol Trader

chrismdp wrote:Ok maybe then. I'll see how it pans out :)
There should be equally bad consequences for screwing up socially as there are for combat.
They should (in my opinion) be the focus, as most of the game revolves around the social aspect.

But do what you feel is fun, it *IS* your game, don't ever compromise your vision for it.
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Re: Sol Trader

1.2 is a ton of fun! :squirrel:
I've been sitting for the past few days in London as a poor PhD student, building my knowledge of the locals and patiently manipulating my way up the social ladder through strategic friendships and selectively distributed gossip: I found a little known local manager with a solid history and promptly befriended him and then bragged his virtues across London. And I'm in tight with two senators and an admiral (all of them women), one of whom wants her disgraced mother dead. It's all quite engrossing. :D
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Re: Sol Trader

chrismdp wrote:Heh, thanks. I want people to try it and say nice things about it ... one more reason to do so!

New project up and coming very soon! Not a sci-fi game but hopefully will still pique people's interest here... :)
Ooo, details when you can. :D
Many of us here have very broad tastes, and you seem to have no end of ambition for the scope of your stuff, which leads to cool shit. :D
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