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Re: InnerSpace KS

I was on the fence about this one for a bit, but after a closer look, I'm in.

I couldn't really justify it, but I'd have loved to spring for the $1000 pledge level in which the dev team will take a weekend to do a game jam for an idea you have. (That, by the way, is a brilliant idea for a pledge tier for a group of developers.)

As it is, I hope their project is successful, and that they know (or can be persuaded) that "exploration" is most enjoyable when it's realized as more than just cartography.

Thanks for posting this info here.

Re: InnerSpace KS

i'm glad it looks like it won't make it. that game represents everything wrong with indie gaming. cartoony non-graphics to give it that retro(read: lazy art design and graphics programming) look. a non-game to begin with. david cage creamed his pants at the concept.

Re: InnerSpace KS


I enjoyed reading this comment from Timothy Casassa in the comments for the Kickstarter project:
It's funny... this game fills a little niche that I didn't know needed filling. It is an exploration game that...
  • ...has a plot...
  • meditative (i.e. is not a survival game or FPS/TPS)...
  • meant for offline and singleplayer play...
  • colorful.
I have been turned off a lot of games that seemed to have no point except to explore for the sake of exploring, or to see how long you can live in an unfriendly, bleak environment, or forced you to struggle with other players for everything. And here's this project, occupying a tiny space in between a lot of other, less desirable projects. Best of luck to you, Tyler.
That sums up the reality of this project pretty well, I think.

Re: InnerSpace KS

light487 wrote:Kicktraq is often wrong though.. I think they do stand a chance to hit their target.. all they'd really need is to be seen by another developer and be included in one of their monthly updates.. like Elite, Star Citizen, Obduction etc
Very true.

I hope they get their publicity boost soon. I'd like to play this game someday.
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Re: InnerSpace KS

I was just about to post about this tbh I'm a bit stumped on the gameplay,but it does look unique a throw back to the days of weird and wonderful games of days of yore,hopefully it funds as Kickstarter is a dearth of anything that exciting atm. :(

Re: InnerSpace KS

I like that what they described is in a sweet spot in between murder simulators and walking simulators.

It's not just about flying around being a tourist, but it's not a Hard-Core Saga of Epic Mayhem, either. There's challenge, and exploration, and pleasant flight, and things to discover, all wrapped up in an attractive package.

I hope it does as well as it promises.

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