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Re: Empyrion

Talvieno wrote:So... would you guys say the tiers is the reason why they only have 89 backers, or is it something else? Because this is pretty... underwhelming. :\
It's certainly missing that healthy looking start that most KS winners tend to have, Talvieno. :( They still have time to gain momentum but it doesn't look good. I know I could take it or leave it as I have more than enough space related games in the pipeline. Maybe others are feeling the same about it. I haven't backed it heavily as they are not offering much in the way of rewards that interest me.

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Re: Empyrion

Mh, Alpha access is rather cheap (especially with the early bird discount), which means that they won't be able to milk the overtly curious guys. There are no physical items offered, so the collectors are also unlikely to spend much. Last but not least, the game lacks publicity, and at this stage doesn't look overtly attractive, visually.

I recall the Xeno Galaxies Kickstarter (a very, very similar looking game with a similar premise) failing as well, which is a bit disheartening.

It looks like a Minecraft derivate, and the early access track record of that type of game is downright terrible. A lot of people probably were burnt by earlier failed attempts (Starforge, Space Engineers to a degree...nice basics, shitty game due to lack of actual game), and there's no big names or snazzy looks behind this that would appeal to the unwashed masses.

It's a bid sad, really. I've been pining for ages for a game where I can travel between planets and actually do something useful on the surface, build a base, deploy a vehicle or five, and then gangrape the landscape with a bunch of bucket wheel exca...

Wait, wrong thread.

Anyway, planetary exploration and exploitation across multiple planets for the win, but this one seems destined to die an early death.

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Re: Empyrion

Well if this game is any similar to starforge good luck, the reviews for starforge are dismal

This is from Steam with over 4000 bad reviews about Starforge

Posted: October 25
StarForge had some good ideas on paper. It was suppose to be another multiplayer survival, crafting, building, and mining game strongly influenced by Halo's ForgeWorld. One of the key features and selling points was the ability to go off-world into outer space to some degree. Unfortunately, StarForge fails miserably at everything the game sets out to accomplish.

Over the course of the 2 years it has been in Steam's Early-Access, not much was improved or added to the game. Updates seemed very rare with minimal changes or improvements. Many of the features planned and promised were not implemented by the end. During the last few months of development, Code}{atch rushed and crammed stuff in the alpha, while slapping on a 1.0 final release version.

A lot of people think this game was a scam. Was it a scam from the beginning? I personally don't think so. I feel the developers got in over their heads making big promises they could not keep. Instead of owning up to and admitting their mistakes and failure, they did everything they could to hide it. They kept everyone in the dark throughout the whole development of StarForge, including their own community manager! Behind the scenes there was a lot of drama that just kept building up over time.

Code}{atch has made some terrible decisions during the development of StarForge. They knew for quite some time that they would not be accomplishing their goals for the game. It looks like they just wanted to milk as much money from sales as they could, for as long as they could get away with it. This is one of the main reasons why people think the game is a scam. StarForge really should not have been allowed to leave Early Access, but here we are. At the very least, the price of the game shouldn't be any more than $4.99 USD. The $19.99 pricetag is just insulting.

+Good main menu theme song that is reminiscent of something like "the Terminator"

-Many features planned were cut from the game
-Horrible performance on any hardware
-No optomization
-Ugly graphics and art style
-Ugly armor
-Terrible control mechanics that feel awkward
-Idiotic A.I.
-Crappy models
-Bad animations
-Very boring - There isn't much to do and no reason to explore or leave the spawn area
-Final version of the game was rushed and released in an alpha state

In closing, StarForge isn't worth your money or your time. Even if you got the game for free, it's just not worth playing and feels like a waste of time to do so. I'd say it's even embarrassing to have it in your library. If you are interested in playing this type of game, try these "good" games instead: "RUST", "7 Days To Die", "Life is Feudal: Your Own", "Planet Explorers", and "The Forest".

Re: Empyrion

The graphics are not the cool pixel art thing like minecraft and neither are the graphics having any art style like no mans sky and the graphics are not quality like LT, SC or ED. So I think the graphics are a bit average from about 10 or 15 years ago.

The gameplay looks good though, certainly might have been worth the very cheap alpha on KS.

If they put some style into the graphics, possibly go the cartoon cell shading route.

Re: Empyrion

There are a lot of potential reasons that this one failed.
  • Strange reward tiers - nobody wanted to back at higher levels.
  • Not cutting edge - cutting edge software can usually cause users to partially ignore screwy reward tiers and almost any other problem - see Voxel Quest, for instance.
  • It's a voxel game, and people are wary about those after Cube World and some others.
  • As Jason S said, it looks okay, but the graphics aren't particularly jawdropping, nor do they spring out at you and grab your attention.
  • They promised a lot of things, but showed very little in the way of gameplay in the Kickstarter video. Many people would worry they wouldn't be able to back up their promises.
  • They didn't provide very many updates during the Kickstarter, or keep in close touch with their community. Many people would take this as a sign that there might be communication issues in the future.
  • Very little media exposure - sometimes this can make all the difference.
  • I don't think they really had a true "target audience" in mind - some of it looks like something for young teens, other parts look like stuff for late teens/early twenties, and they mention "old school" here and there as well. Perhaps they were trying to cover all their bases, but in the long run, this doesn't make for a game that everybody wants to play - if you throw only a small percentage of yourself at everybody, nobody is convinced.
  • They were vague in a lot of areas about gameplay and AI - people like to know these things beforehand.
That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but the campaign really wasn't done as well as it could have been. I'm sad it didn't make it because it had real potential, but at least they're not giving up.
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