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I just discovered this game.

I haven't yet watched the pre-alpha video that goes with it as my net has been going insanely slow. However judging by the website, it is an extremely ambitious game. Not unique in that other games have attempted the same thing, every single one of them save for maybe Starmade has failed. While Starmade is good, it really isn't my cup of tea. This game however, from the screenshots alone looks like it will be amazing. Also they haven't done a kickstarter yet but they seem to be keen to do one. So I'm really hoping that they set something realistic while still being able to achieve their goals. The thing that will sell me IF they can pull it off would be the single + multiplayer as well as the empire building aspects. However without having seen the video it is really far too early to tell whether or not they can even pull it off. If I were a betting man I would say they cannot. I do hope that I am proven wrong.

Re: Empyrion

The video reminds me a lot of starforge. In fact I would say the two games have a so similar art style and gameplay that I find it strange. Maybe it is just me but we have no clue about who is empyrion games...
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Re: Empyrion

Blimey a nice find and the vid seems very polished even for a pre alpha,sort of reminds me of Xeno Galaxies and of course No Mans Sky but damn is this ambitious if they go the KS route my card is poised and ready this could be one to watch.


Re: Empyrion

Looks interesting. Also, as a reminder, their Kickstarter campaign will start next week on the 16th.
I just hope this doesn't get stuck in development limbo like so many other similar games. I'd like to play something feature complete for a change. :roll:

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Re: Empyrion

Well seems sensible to give it 6 weeks,not so sure about buying into just the alpha then discounts though that might trip them up on their funding still a long time to find out if the punters will buy into this ambitious project.

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