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Re: Torment: Tides of Numenara

HowSerendipitous wrote:
And Pillars of Eternity was totally awesome.
I found it, ok..

It was a game full of fake choices. Defiance Bay was a prime example. Reguardless of what faction you side with, and what choices you make. The end result is always EXACTLY the same.

Outside of the boss fights, combat was a grind. Fight 2 or 3 rooms of trash mobs, camp, repeat until out of camping supplies, walk back to town, get more, return to the trash mobs.

The story was nothing special though passable. The "twist" was sort of flat.

I look forward to Numenara because much like Planescape Torment it's in a non-standard universe without the usual cliche factions and characters.
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Re: Torment: Tides of Numenara

HowSerendipitous wrote:I liked the twist.... And the game kept me hooked for its entire duration, so I count that as a good thing.

Once the second part of the White March is out I'll play through that.

But, yeah, I agree about Torment. The fact that the universe was very different counted for a lot. The awesome writing helped too :twisted:
It was a game where the combat was a distant after thought, and it worked. It was like playing a really good novel.

As for the twist in Pillars:
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It wasn't the greatest. "The Gods Ain't Real". When I first was told this in game I was like "wow". Interesting. Then the follow up, well, they are real. They actually exist. They were made by humans a thousand years ago by combining thousands of souls of close to an entire civilization. So they are real, but they were made after humans... ok..

It put the saints war in context, because it implies that Eothas probably figured out the truth and being the god of "good" wanted to let the cat out of the bag and free the world from the "fake" gods. However, the other gods teamed up and killed him.

Anyways, it was ok, the story was ok, I just think the whole community way over hyped the game.
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Re: Torment: Tides of Numenara

Talvieno wrote:I'd been interested to try Pillars... now I'm not so sure... :problem: I never was much of one for grinding.
Sadly I bought it and it got back listed. I should try to change that. A game like pillars or Planescape would require all my attention though. I'd have to treat it like I'm reading a book, no chat on the side. No netflix, just me, the game, and lots of coffee.

Re: Torment: Tides of Numenara

Talvieno wrote:I'd been interested to try Pillars... now I'm not so sure... :problem: I never was much of one for grinding.
It's not so much of grinding, it just has too many fights that you know you are never going to lose. It's not level or item grinding, you are fighting to a goal, you just need to fight rooms and rooms full of trash mobs to get there. (and I played on hard diffculty)

Unless you means this kind of grinding of course:
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Re: Torment: Tides of Numenara

I backed the Numenara pen and paper game, the computer game, as well as Pillars and Wasteland 2.
I'm really looking forward to Torment and I'm hoping it's better than both Pillars and Wasteland 2.

For Pillars I got bogged down in Defiance Bay. I'm really not digging the setting and the mechanics don't make a whole lot of sense to me. The weapons groups seemed odd and I didn't have a thief so it turned out the best trap detection dude I had was my companion priest so I just rolled with it trying to throw off my fantasy stereotypes and embrace the new game... it never really stuck though. That was all before the first DLC though and before they added companion AI. Now I've heard there IS a companion thief, the companions do have combat AI, etc. so I figure I'll give it another go after the second DLC comes out... likely starting over completely.

Wasteland 2 I waited until the Deluxe Edition came out to start and I enjoyed more than Pillars at least. My biggest complaint there is just that it's strange to me that there's a complete disconnect between skills and attributes. This one fell victim to other games coming out that distracted me away from it more so then me losing interest in it. If the release schedule was more barren I likely would have gotten farther if not completed it but I got distracted and just never made it back... right now for example XCOM 2 is trumping it.

I also backed Divinity: Original Sin which I didn't play but 5 minutes of before realizing how much IMHO that game NEEDED to be played Coop to fully enjoy. As such I ended up buying the Enhanced Edition for PS4 (despite getting it free on PC as a Kickstarter backer) and my gf and I are working our way through that when we both have time via couch coop. I really can't imagine playing the game on PC after doing local coop on the PS4 and I'm enjoying it much more than Pillars or Wasteland 2. I have zero problem with having given Larian my money twice (once for PC and once for PS4) and I backed the sequel as well. I think this is the best local coop game I've ever played... period.

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