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Re: Fallout 3 / New Vegas

The vanilla faces for the Fallout games are pretty horrific. But there are mods. (Whew!)

If you care for a little extra advice, I'll suggest that which to get depends on what you enjoy. If you like blasting through a game and then on to the next one, Fallout: New Vegas will probably be a bit more fun for you. As noted above, the weapon modding is more advanced. The world of FNV also has more magical impassable terrain than Fallout 3, so your path through it is a bit more linear.

If instead you prefer exploring a world and seeing everything that's in it, the I'd suggest going with F3. It's not that there's so much more to find in F3 than FNV (although I think there actually is), or that the setting of F3 -- a ruined DC area -- is more interesting than southern Nevada (although I think it is). It's more that both games can give you well over 100 hours of entertainment, especially if you also play the DLC. By the time you're done with F3, you'll be ready to pick up FNV. :)

Re: Fallout 3 / New Vegas

The "invisible walls" in Fallout 3 aren't very noticeable. And the ones in Fallout: New Vegas are there for your protection. :) (They slow you down from hitting non-leveled enemies that are way too powerful for your character when you start.)

So I would suggest avoiding any mods that make the impassable passable. Besides, if you really, really need to get someplace you aren't "supposed" to go, there's always the "TLC" console command that will let you clip through the world.

Finally, like Oblivion and Skyrim, F3 and FNV allow you to fast travel to any point-of-interest location you've previously discovered. And if you choose to take the Explorer perk in F3/FNV, you can instantly see (and thus travel to) all points of interest on the map.

One trivial note: there are some extremely minor references in FNV to events in F3, primarily related to F3's Brotherhood of Steel content. So that's a point in favor of playing F3 first. On the other hand, FNV includes a companion fully voiced by Felicia Day, who is a hoot to play with. I don't usually keep followers, and had none in F3, but I found ED-E (for sniping range) and Veronica (for personality) worth having by my side most of the time in FNV.

The good thing about all of this is that you really can't go wrong by choosing either F3 or FNV. They're both great games that, if you enjoy first-person open-world roleplaying games, will each give you hundreds of hours of solid fun.

If you can tolerate a post-apocalyptic setting, of course. :)

Re: Fallout 3 / New Vegas

invisible walls are your friend ^^

my brother started Fallout 3 and missed Megaton and managed to visit DC in under 10 minutes.
Hunting Supermutants on lvl 3 with a BB Gun is the biggest fun ever.
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