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Re: Underworld Ascendant

So while I didn't add words here, I did leave a number of them on OtherSide's UA forum... in Lizard Man. :D The UA team invited fans to invent words (and, to a lesser extent, grammar) for the Lizard Man language in this new game. I... may have gotten a little carried away.

Meanwhile, in more recent news, as a sort of teaser for the UA team's reveal of the alpha at E3, they've announced that UA will be available on Steam in September 2018.

(Mac and Linux versions are planned; no date given for those yet. Also, I haven't heard anything specific about a GOG distribution, but I think the team have said they're interested in that. More when I learn more.)

Here's their E3 teaser trailer.

Now, having said this, there are at least of couple of game writers who don't think this game will be ready by September: Ars Technica and PC Gamer have both published negative stories about the version of Underworld Ascendant built for them to putter around in. (But note that the level the writers were given was a tutorial level intended to have obvious solutions, and that the UA team have already made changes to address some of the concerns expressed.)

What do you think?

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