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Re: Skyrim

cuisinart8 wrote:
Victor Tombs wrote:My 32 bit modded game is stable
You are so lucky. Mine likes to CTD every half-hour or so, depending on its mood. And since I added my mods in stupidly, I have no clue what's causing it!
I feel your pain, cuisinart8. I made the same mistake with my initial modding attempt and became so frustrated with the CTD's that I spent a two week period installing my current mods one at a time with checks after each one was installed and judiciously using Loot to get the order right. I'm not sure if I want to go through that process again anytime soon. I suppose the advantage of the new SSE version is a reduction in some of the mods I've installed but mainly that mouthwatering 64 bit.

I 'm sure there will come a time when I see something epic on the modding scene which requires the SSE version but I'll hold out for as long as I can. :angel:

Re: Skyrim

In about 20 hours after starting a new (and completely unmodded [except for the three official DLC packs]) game in the Special Edition, I've actually had a couple of CTDs already.

So it's already a bit brittle; crashes after modding won't necessarily be due to mods.

In other news, I'm remembering that there is an absolutely ludicrous amount of voice acting in this game... all from about six voice actors.

Re: Skyrim

Dinosawer wrote:Gave the Special edition a try...

I'll stick with the original :ghost:
I'm doing the same, Dino. I'd forgotten how many tweaks I did to the vanilla game to get it the way I wanted it. It wasn't just the addition of mods from Nexus. :angel:

Re: Skyrim

Lum wrote:Bethesda and the faces... I believe that is the people, not the software. They simply need a "special edition" of their 3D-modellers to get that right :ghost:
After all this time I don't recognize the people in the Special Edition, Lum. *chuckle* This obsession Bethesda has with awful looking NPC's gets a tad annoying. Thank heavens for modders. :angel:

Re: Skyrim

Dinosawer wrote:so maybe I just have too many followers :oops:
One can never have too many mobile Storage-Units Followers! :ghost:

(( definitely can...3 are almost too many for me already...always standing in the way when crawling through narrow caves. :? ))
Apparently, sometimes stuff might happen.
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