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Re: Skyrim

Flatfingers wrote:
Tue Oct 03, 2017 7:13 pm
I'm really enjoying Dolomite Precipitation: ... mods/8006/ which changes the look of rain and snow to be much more attractive but without altering weather patterns.

If you'd like something that does change the weather, there's the larger package of which Dolomite Precipitation is a part, which is Dolomite Weathers: ... mods/7895/

YMMV, as always. Whatever works for you!
Yes, the Dolomite Precipitation mod was what I was looking for, Flat. :thumbup: It gives the vanilla weather that tweak it was missing, thanks! :angel:

Re: Skyrim

The news about the Skyrim Special Edition version of SKSE being in alpha, and thus allowing SkyUI to work (again), is actually shown in Steam when Skyrim is being updated to impose the worthless "Creation Club mods are now available!" text on the in-game main menu screen.

Fortunately, I have just noticed that a new mod has been added to the Nexus that claims to remove that text....

Re: Skyrim

So after a week of trial and tribulation creating my almost perfectly modded game in SSE, Bethesda come along and reintroduce their dirty masters. Why on earth they don't clean them up themselves is beyond me. I haven't found a single mod (from any source) that I've needed to clean apart from their masters. Everyone else seems to have got the message!

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