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Re: The Forest

Yup, I picked this one up last week although I've not played very much (I have a burgeoning Dark Souls 2 addiction to tend to). My initial thoughts on the game are positive; I think the graphics are great, the NPC AI certainly adds to the tension of the scenario, and I think that the 'crafting' mechanism has been implemented in an elegant fashion.

Obviously, as with any game in Alpha, there are a few bugs etc but all in all I'm very impressed. The broke save function was annoying! I think it's fixed now though.

Re: The Forest

There's word now that The Forest may be getting its v1.0 release by April 2018.

I need to look in again on it to see how it holds up for freeform single-player exploration. But for people who aren't me :lol: The Forest includes multiplayer features and has been built to be ready for VR rendering of some kind.

The EndNight blog provides patch notes for v0.73 that are a hoot. (Apparently making dynamite behave plausibly in a game takes some effort.)

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