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Half-Life and it's new successor, Black Mesa

I was suprised when the only thing I saw on here about Half-Life was its mythical successor, Half-Life 3.
there are not likely many people who *haven't* heard about it. then again, its fame could be the entire reason no one has spoken about it.
For those of you who don't know, Half-life is one of Valve's earlier, and more awesome games. I still hold it high on my list of favorite games ever made. Here's video of its official revamp from Valve, Half-Life Source
Of course, now, the more amazing recreation of the original Half-life with remastered graphics, Black Mesa, Is a more relevant Topic.
Anyone who hasn't played Half-Life should really put it on their list of Games to play without a doubt.

Re: Half-Life and it's new successor, Black Mesa

Black Mesa is awesome.

Or that's what I would have said had they not held out on release an extra 3 years with the promise of it being in full and then not putting in Xen.

Seriously, they had up until Xen, but they still waited another 3 years to release because they were all "We're working on it" when eventually they scrapped it. From someone who followed the development of it for quite awhile, I'm a bit peeved.

But don't let me opinion of the modders jade anyone who wants to play it--it's the best mod you could have for a half life recreation and they didn't shut down from the IP owners. :thumbup:

Unlike Square with the Chrono Trigger recreation project, which I'll save that rant for another day
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