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Re: Elder Scrolls Online

I finally decided to pre-order Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset Collectors Edition (PC DVD). I already own the other two collector editions and I don't like gaps in any collection. :)

What's more, I've decided to give the game another chance. I still like the idea of trekking through lands not revisited for years. :angel:

Re: Elder Scrolls Online

Talvieno wrote:
Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:23 pm
If I knew there was some chance of meeting up with you ingame (and knowing it was you) I might get it and give it a try. I know there isn't much chance, but I would much enjoy it. :lol:
I finally have the re-downloaded game on the new "bits and pieces" build, Nathan. It occupies a fair chunk of the SSD. :shock:

And less of the laughter, my friend. I can think of no other forumite I would enjoy meeting in game more than you but you know how antisocial I am in my gaming habits. Don't rule it out yet though.

I'm certainly going to bump into you in Star Citizen when I give you the keys to a chariot of your choice. ;) :D :angel:

Edit: I was surprised by the positive reaction from Bele in IRC, Nathan. I was unaware that he'd played the game.

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