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Wayward Terran Frontier

#1 ... n-frontier

I've been giving the early tech-alpha a real go...quite a fun game. Has all the elements of a great sandbox game plus indepth customization of your ship down to linking together modules with power conduits. It is, I would say kind of like FTL, but with more longevity?

But it is too much to explain here, you have to read it or see the videos to understand.

Think pixel destruction of your ships hull as weapons hit it, either watching from your internal or external view. I've no doubt that given the time the developer would surely be able to turn this early demo into something very special.

I have no affiliation, just trying to spread the word.

Re: Wayward Terran Frontier

Took me about two hours to learn the systems......O M was frustrating. Check out the wiki for some help, or read the forums.

Basically, anything that USES power cannot PASS ON power. So the guns have to have power conduits coming from a module which stores power or connected to the reactor.

Some turrets are easier to setup than others.

Also once you have the guns powered and you think they should work you need a console for weapons manned by a crewman. So you set up that control console, and put the #1 weapons group icon next to it. Then any gun which you put the #1 thing next to is linked to that console. Then you can assign a crewman to control that console by left clicking on it and he will man the guns.

I've also added two star trek ships to it. It took my five minutes to put them in. Just need one image of a ship you want in, after a few small edits to create the outline of the hull upon which you build in the ship editor in the game and your done!

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