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Re: No Man's Sky

This is truly sad to read. I do hope they can recover swiftly from this serious setback. I thoroughly enjoyed their video and the outline of their ideas for the game. NMS sounds like it could be a lot of fun. :)
darker70 wrote:The only positive is if the studio want to raise funds a KS or Indiegogo PC campaign would literally rake in millions as the game looks amazing anyway they would also get the sympathy vote I would back them in a heartbeat myself,just sent a tweet and it's not only me who thinks the same regarding a Kickstarter.
Kickstarter would certainly help them raise funds but it is still unclear to me how much of their actual work on NMS survived. I do hope they were doing the smart thing and storing this precious material elsewhere.

Although we didn't see the same devastation in the area of the UK where I live it was still an unpleasant experience. My sympathies lie with those who had their Christmas ruined and who are still suffering after many days of power cuts and flood water.

Re: No Man's Sky

Victor pretty sure from their Twitter feed stuff they lost was personal and normal computing stuff laptops,monitors,furniture the odd mega PC in this day and age they prob had code on external hardware,or in a cloud server some where I would presume.

Re: No Man's Sky

Oh dear, i'm only just hearing about the flood now...

You know, jól in Iceland :roll: crazy stuff. I been busy :thumbdown:

Hope they'll recover from this. I'm actually more worried about the common folks who may have had their homes ruined than this game being made though. That's rare, i usually don't care about the misfortune of others in other countries (shame on my evil ways right?) but in this case the UK is pretty much "next door neighbor" to me. Because it's not so far from here i seem to think just a little bit different than usual.
This is where the cat is from and yes you should definitely watch that.

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