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Re: No Man's Sky

Talvieno wrote:
Fri Aug 11, 2017 10:36 am
Why sorry? You're lucky if it's cheaper. :lol:
In the negative side of things (there is usually one) the dollar is quite expensive around here, so I would take 24 bucks any day for a cheaper price per buck. :ghost:
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Re: No Man's Sky

so i've played the patch for a few hours now. it's a lot better than it was before, and i'm happy there's finally a mission board/faction system, even if its still pretty barebones. haven't tried out the "multiplayer" though i imagine it isn't awful. the new storyline isn't too bad, although i've kind of avoided it after getting burned on the original game's story. the game is a lot better now though, and for people who stopped playing it because of a lack of content and depth, i recommend giving it a try. it's still nowhere near as deep as games like Elite:Dangerous, but it's a much better game than it was at launch.

if, however, you stopped playing because you found the actual process of playing the game excruciatingly poor, then it probably won't make a difference. movement still feels pretty slow and floaty on foot, and ships likewise feel pretty floaty. combat is still pretty...bad, to say the least. and the interface is just as cumbersome as before, although it is a little better organized.

i did play on PS4 though, and some issues like my interface issues might not be as bad on PC.
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Re: No Man's Sky

Dipping back into this thread after a while, it sounds like there've been some improvements. I'm between games now -- in fact, after Dishonored 2 and Prey, there's not even any AAA game of interest to me on the radar -- so the latest comments here have me considering NMS.

Simple question: can it be played offline? I haven't seen a clear statement about this lately, so I thought I'd ask some experts.

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