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Re: No Man's Sky

Been playing NEXT on PS4, between re-installs after it starts crashing.
There is something SERIOUSLY buggered with the PS4 release.

But hot DAMN it makes major parts of the gameplay loop fun again.
However it does not fix combat, especially space based.

If you get system enforcement ships on you and cant land on something, you may as well just sit still and wait to die.
The ground combat is only better by the fact that you can generally escape the drones.

When they eventually get the combat part of the loop sorted, it'd actually be a fun game to play.

So we are up from 1% of a game at launch, to about 40/50% of a game.
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Re: No Man's Sky

Zanteogo wrote:
Thu Jan 09, 2020 4:28 pm
A good watch. Reminds me a ton of the Limit Theory drama.
Well I guess I've been living under a rock because I didn't know the game had gotten to a point where it was so well received. That's an incredible story and I hope the same becomes true with Limit Theory. I do hope we see it again one day.

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