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Re: No Man's Sky

Mistycica wrote:
Kambalo wrote: 2 thumbs up to you, the other guy has no sense of humore (like we said in Italian) :lol: :clap: :thumbup: :thumbup:
my impression on your sense of humore
Image :ghost:
Image The results of logic, of natural progression? Boring! An expected result? Dull! An obvious next step? Pfui! Where is the fun in that? A dream may soothe, but our nightmares make us run!

Re: No Man's Sky

Idunno wrote:-- PRETTY PICTURE OF NODES --
Please tell me this is actually something with a story behind it (or awesome code) and not just a random selection of nodes.
WebGL Spaceships and Trails
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console.log(`What's all ${this} ${}`);

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