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Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

Flatfingers wrote: It's not "DLC" that interests me so much as "we've corrected the hazy look and returned to the open-world design of the original Two Worlds." If they've done those things, I might be tempted to retry TW2.
Yeah, I hated this!

I loved the game, and when I first saw the map of the game (I had the box version with a big printed map) I thought "Wow! THAT is a HUGE world! So much to explore! And after a few hours I realised, that the biggest Island isn't even fully accessible! It's just two medium sized areas that are playable on this main Island! And they even ADVERTISED that the game had a HUGE xx km2 large map to explore! This made me so angry!

Played the game, though. And it was fun. But still: Argh!
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Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

I finally added the red velvet box to my collection of Two Worlds II physical stuff. I've got most of the content already but I wanted the red velvet boxed version to go with the black velvet version I already own. Its official title is, " Two Worlds II HD Velvet GOTY + Season Pass" and it's nicely comprehensive. :D

True it's not TES but I've always liked this franchise. I can forgive Reality Pump for some of the questionable decisions they made in the development of the game. :angel:

Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

I've just completed my umpteenth playthrough of Two Worlds and have decided to move straight on to Two Worlds 2. I'm not sure why I find the original game so addictive, it just has something that seems to be lacking in many of the more up to date titles. It retains the magic ingredient(s) that draw me back to addictively play, very much like Freelancer. :D

I know from a previous playthrough that the sequel to the original lost some of that magic. Reality Pump tried too hard to tell a story and in the process, some of the magic slipped through their fingers. But with the addition of the latest DLC and the promise of more to come, I do want to see if the experience can be/has been improved.

I should be playing Witcher 3 but I need to get this latest obsession out of my system.

I'm trying to concentrate on one space-related and one medieval(ish) game at a time. The space-related game to replace Freelancer is proving to be a challenge. I don't think Star Citizen will be the one but I may be wrong. I still hope that Josh can stitch together my next space obsession but it doesn't help to know that he doesn't really enjoy creating the gameplay elements. Fingers are very tightly crossed that he can give LT that addictive magic that I've found in so few other games. :angel:

Edit: This concentration on two primary games will not deny me my modded Skyrim fix. ;)

Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

How funny; I was just thinking yesterday about the original Two Worlds and how, yes, addictively fun I found it over multiple playthroughs.

After Microsoft's latest update broke the replay of original Crysis (the good one) that I was right in the middle of, I went back through some of my older games to see which ones of them will still work under 64-bit Win 10. Sadly, it looks like I can't get Stellar Empires -- a Windows 3.1 game -- to work without somehow locating one of my old Windows disks and trying to figure out how to install it in a partition or VM under DosBox and I just don't feel like having that fight.

Instead, I'm replaying Master of Orion 2 (from GOG) and No One Lives Forever (GOTY CD-ROM), and having a blast with both of those. And when I'm done with them, I think I'll finish my Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight playthrough and then go through Dark Messiah: Might & Magic one more time.

And then? Maybe Two Worlds once again. :)

This is the good stuff.

Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

Victor Tombs wrote:
Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:38 pm
It's good to know that you are still enjoying the older games, Flat. My selection of games may vary from yours but that's not important. The fact that there is at least one member here who has a similar passion for their gaming gives me joy. :angel:

They're going to have to pry my keyboard from my cold, dead fingers, Victor. :D

It was 45 years ago, at the Greater Baton Rouge State Fair in 1973, that I played my first computer game. It was the metallic red arcade box of Computer Space that Nolan Bushnell had built in hardware, inspired by Slug Russell's Spacewar! game. I didn't know about any of that stuff then; I only knew there was this whole simulated universe that responded dynamically to my choices, and it was magic. They had to drag me away hours later... but I never forgot that utterly immersive experience, which remains a thing that no other medium than computer games can offer.

And if you think about it, what is my interest in Limit Theory but trying to feel that incredible "spaceship combat" vibe again? any rate, this is veering away from the Two Worlds topic. I'm pretty sure I've still got a Two Worlds savegame that needs finishing....

Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

Flatfingers wrote:
Fri Nov 22, 2019 12:37 am
Victor, I'm curious -- what do you think of the gameplay in the TW2 follow-up games?

Have they so far felt like TW2? Or more like the original Two Worlds?

Or something new?
IMO, Two Worlds 2 never had that same addictive quality that the Two Worlds original possessed, Flat, but the DLC expansions have added something worthwhile (and needed) to compensate to some extent for the less than adequate conclusion.

As you can see from the details of "Shattered Embrace" it promises to be another step forward on the way to Two Worlds 3.

TBH, I've enjoyed the gameplay of the Two Worlds 2 game and the expansions, Flat. All the changes made in the expansions bode well for the new game. :)

High hopes for Two Worlds 3. ;) :angel:

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