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Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

Flatfingers wrote: It's not "DLC" that interests me so much as "we've corrected the hazy look and returned to the open-world design of the original Two Worlds." If they've done those things, I might be tempted to retry TW2.
Yeah, I hated this!

I loved the game, and when I first saw the map of the game (I had the box version with a big printed map) I thought "Wow! THAT is a HUGE world! So much to explore! And after a few hours I realised, that the biggest Island isn't even fully accessible! It's just two medium sized areas that are playable on this main Island! And they even ADVERTISED that the game had a HUGE xx km2 large map to explore! This made me so angry!

Played the game, though. And it was fun. But still: Argh!
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Re: [ARPG game] Two Worlds II

I finally added the red velvet box to my collection of Two Worlds II physical stuff. I've got most of the content already but I wanted the red velvet boxed version to go with the black velvet version I already own. Its official title is, " Two Worlds II HD Velvet GOTY + Season Pass" and it's nicely comprehensive. :D

True it's not TES but I've always liked this franchise. I can forgive Reality Pump for some of the questionable decisions they made in the development of the game. :angel:

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