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It seems to have gone off the radar just a bit, but I thought I would remind folks of one of the best game trailers I've ever seen.

The game is called Reset. If it actually looks like this, and if the gameplay is not just mindless murder, I really do hope it gets made.

And that it does not fail to keep the promise made by its awesome trailer, as was the case for Dead Island (grrrr).

Enjoy the trailer for Reset.

Re: Reset

Flatfingers wrote:and if the gameplay is not just mindless murder,
You say that like it's a bad thing...

Well, the trailer is technically impressive. It does tell jack all about the game, though, and their website sets a new track record for vapid and incoherent ramblings. It took some searching to determine they actually intend to make a game, and not some animated movie.

Oh well. I do hope they have a more coherent concept to present when they come around asking for money.
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Re: Reset

It looks fascinating. I hope it plays as good as it looks. I registered on their site so I can keep track of Reset. Who knows, maybe they can come up with a winner.
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Re: Reset

Aaaaaand... it's money-asking-for time.

They've got a funding drive going on Indiegogo, with game delivery expected around the end of 2014.

Apparently it's not another murder-simulator, but a physics puzzler with a time-rewind ("reset") mechanic in an interesting world to explore however you want. So that's nice. And (for now) it's Windows-specific, so that's a plus. (I don't mind if they also make console versions as long as the design reference version is for the magic personal computer box.)

On the negative side, they're saying it'll only run about six hours. :(


Re: Reset

Remember this one announced in 2012, with its wonderfully evocative trailer?

It's now 2018. Still no full playable game.

Patrick Klepek has written an excellent folllw-up article on the story of making Reset. It's a fair look at the intersection of promises for money and the real difficulties that life throws at indie game developers.

"Since we are just two guys we cannot separate the project from our personal lives," said [developer Alpo] Oksaharju. "If one of gets sick for instance, there is no one to fill in. And since we have our own company we use the freedom to keep us sane. Don't get me wrong, since this is our love child, we work on it and have worked on it crazy hours, but we have also learned to recognize our limits."
That’s understandable, of course, but it’s also understandable for people to have lost some faith in the project because of the mixed messaging and inconsistent communication, especially when there are long lapses, often months and months, between real updates.

This stuff really is hard, especially for very small teams. I think if they've asked for money, it's not wrong for their backers to expect regular reports of progress in developing playable content.

Articles like this one by Klepek help to explain that both sides of this kind of effort are reasonable.

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