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Re: Oolite (Not the egg stone variety)

Last I tried Oolite I was totally turned off by it.
Horrible graphics. Even worse sound & music.

It was so blatantly bare bones that I suspected immediately that it was meant to be played with mods.
In fact I searched for mods and found a scary long list of them. So long that again I was turned off... because I wanted to try something new (I never played Elite, if you wonder), instead I was in for a boring session of "decide which mods" before I could even begin to sink my teeth into the game.

Of course I uninstalled. This was months ago.

Since you have brought the game to my attention, and since you appear to know Oolite so well, would you feel to suggest me a good list of mods to try?
I know, mods are down to personal preferences. Point is, I do not have personal preferences because I have not even tried the game. Pretend that Oolite is an AAA title set in stone and with no modding support. I buy the game, I install it, and the mods you suggest me make the game's OOBE for me.
I want the game to be more appetizing, just so I can estabilish a feeling and play with it.

Can you help?

Re: Oolite (Not the egg stone variety)

If, only months ago, you found the graphics etc horrible, no amount of mods are going to change that. Oolite is what it is, a retro-game (kinda) which scratches an itch for a certain type of space game player (usually those who were playing space games back in the '80s, but not exclusively). Out-of-the-box, Oolite is a complete game, but it was designed right from the start to be modded extensively. Of course, all mods are limited by what the core game can do/allow. Mind you, there are players who use few if any mods - that's a serious itch. Myself, I sail close to the core's wind, and the mods I use are almost all eye-candy.

Many have been the discussions, some heated, over what constitutes a suitable mod pack for beginners, and opinions vary wildly. Yes, I could recommend a few mods that I personally consider suitable, but I fear it'd be futile. Perhaps I'll put together a list, but that'll have to be later as it requires some thought, and I'm busy at the moment. In the meantime, from the game's start page select Manage Expansion Packs/Update expansions list/Install expansion pack. The first one on the list is Addons for Beginners, which will install a bunch of mods deemed by its creator to be suitable - try that for starters, see if it looks/plays any better.

Whatever you do, it'll be tough at the start.
Most games have some sort of paddling-pool-and-water-wings beginning to ease you in: Oolite takes the rather more Darwinian approach of heaving you straight into the ocean, often with a brick or two in your pockets for luck.
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Re: Oolite

If something like an Explorers mod had been around when I first started playing Oolite, Commander Cody would probably have the full set by now - all 2048 systems visited (including all the unreachables).
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