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Re: Cube world - Infinite procedurally generated RPG

TanC wrote:Looks interesting. I've tried to register so I could buy but it looks like server is under maintenance and user registrations are disabled at the moment. :(

Have you played this game yet? It sounds good on paper but am curious how the experience in-game truly is.
I have not tried buying it yet ... but i will :geek:
DWMagus wrote:Are there any quests in this? Any overall objective?

I mean, it looks good, and the idea behind it looks great as well, but is it just sandbox?
It looks like there are an infinite amount of quests. You can take on missions to defeat huge boss monsters etc.

Re: Cube world - Infinite procedurally generated RPG

We can always count on you Sky to provide a gameplay video. Very helpful.

It looks like it has a ton of potential, but it definitely still seems rough around the edges.

I *really* want this game to be successful though. I'll probably pick it up once their user registrations are open again.
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