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Re: Frontiers (The pretender to Daggerfall/Morrowind)?

I have to confess: I was never interested in this game (I'm not fan of Morrowind by the way) but these videos make me actually be very interested on trying the final product. I like the guy and can identify myself with him very easily. (Meet deadlines? What's that? :twisted:)

Seven minutes in the forth part made me realized that I myself don't spend much time creating core gameplay elements and that most of my own work is around secondary ("ambient") gameplay, and I'm not ashamed about that. (Well, at least not too much. :lol:) Eight minutes in that same video made me feel that this could have been an excellent first person point & click adventure game. ;)

(I always transform every game in a point & click adventure game, so don't blame me. :angel:)
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Re: Frontiers (The pretender to Daggerfall/Morrowind)?

Well he has proved more times than I can remember how much he cares about what he's doing, Etsu, so I know I won't be disappointed by what Frontiers eventually becomes. Personally, the last thing I want to see is it turning into a point and click adventure game. That would be a betrayal I would find hard to swallow. :wtf:

The modders could fill in the sparser parts of the tapestry if Lars gives them what they need to do so. Even in its flawed condition I can see it being a lot of fun to play. :angel:

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